Mission Statement

Our undergraduate program prepares students for professional and personal success in the context of a strong liberal arts education. The program promotes an understanding of the legal and justice systems for both majors and non-majors. We are committed to coursework that is grounded in theory, research, and community engagement to help students prepare for careers in criminal justice and social services. Emphasis is placed on intellectual, experiential, critical thinking and problem solving abilities. We are committed to preparing students to become ethically informed, culturally sensitive, engaged scholars and practitioners. This goal is achieved by an inclusive curriculum that includes common core areas of study, while allowing for flexibility in electives so that students can tailor their degree in ways that are most reflective of their career and academic goals.

Learning Objectives:

Graduates of the Criminal Justice program will:

  • Identify and apply the major theoretical perspectives in criminology and criminal justice and apply the social and policy implications to these approaches.
  • Integrate the components and functions of the criminal justice system and apply this information to the major areas within the system (police, courts, and corrections).
  • Apply knowledge of the operation of the criminal justice system to practical problems in the field and understand the role of ethical decision making in the process.
  • Identify, analyze, and interpret data on and related to crime and apply these concepts written and orally.
  • Critically think about issues of age, race/ethnicity, social class, gender, sexual orientation and other global issues and integrate how these function at both the macro and micro level in the criminal justice system.