Closed Class Procedures

If you are trying to get into a class that is closed and has a waitlist feature in Banner, you must use that procedure.  You will notified by email if a spot opens up.  If the class has a waitlist on Banner, the Department CANNOT do an override.  You must use this system.

If there is not a waitlist on Banner, there may be occasions where you can get an override.  While the Department does not keep waiting lists for closed classes, some individual instructors may do so.  If you are trying to register for a class and that class is closed, you will need to get permission from the instructor teaching the class.  The instructor will then send an email to the Departmental Administrative Assistant who will open you a place in the class via Banner.  This usually takes a day or so.  You usually do NOT need approval from the Department Head as long as the instructor has approved the addition of the class.

I have an override, now what?

It may take a day or so to complete this process.  You will get an email when it is finished.  Then you will register for the class just like any other class.  Note** when attempting to register for this class, the CRN number must be entered manually into the box at the bottom of the screen for the system to recognize the over-ride.  Simply clicking on the button beside the class in the course list will return a "error" message and kick you out of the registration process for this class.  

There is a great deal of schedule changes at the beginning of each semester, and an opening may arise.  However, with a large major and limited seats available, students who need particular courses to graduate should make every effort to pre-register and ensure that they meet other fee deadlines and university rules to ensure that they keep their seat in a specific course.  Fire marshals and other regulations/laws forbid us from letting students in courses where there are no seats in the classroom so students need to plan ahead according to their graduation schedule/plan.