Have you taken time out from your degree program?  Are you ready to come back and finish your degree?


Finishing Your Degree

It is important to us that our students finish their degrees!  We can help get you back on track and re-enrolled whether you have had a short or long break from school.  Our distance learning program often can assist with this process, especially if you have moved away from the Chattanooga area.  General education requirements and major requirements may have changed since you began your program.  We can evaluate your individual situation and get you "back on track".  If you have been out of school for an entire semester, you must be re-admitted to the university.  Contact us for more information:  Karen McGuffee, Associate Department Head for the Department of Social, Cultural, and Justice Studies

UTC's Center for Academic Support and Advisement also may be of assistance to you.  Their mission is to promote academic excellence and facilitate student success.  They offer a variety of workshops designed to assist students, help provide referrals to campus resources, and promote the development of skills needed for academic success.  They can provide information on tutoring, study groups, note taking, learning styles, and test taking tips.