How to Properly Apply

Applicants to the Clinical Mental Health or School Counseling Programs must submit a Grad School Application and a separate Counselor Education Program Application. Applicants to either program must hold a Baccalaureate degree before beginning graduate school work. Students still completing undergraduate work are required to submit a transcript in the application process and resubmit a completed transcript once they have graduated from their undergraduate degree. The following is needed to complete both:

  1. Applicants should begin with the submission of the online Graduate School Application for the 2019 Fall semester. Please carefully follow instructions located in the "Graduate Student" section of the application page.
  2. As part of the process, you will create a username and password which will give you access to your Self Service Center which will allow you to check on your application status.
  3. Applicants will also need to submit the Counseling Program Application.  Please input the username and password that you created for your Graduate School Application.
  4. As part of the Counseling Program Application, the applicant will submit two recommendations pertaining to the applicant's potential as a counselor; preferably one from a former professor and one from a former professional supervisor.  The applicant will enter the name and e-mail address of the potential recommender and the database will send an electronic recommendation.
  5. Submit a résumé reflecting professional experience and volunteer work, related to the helping profession.  The resume will be uploaded to the Counseling Program Application.
  6. Submit a two-page personal statement indicating the motivation to become a counselor.  The personal statement will be uploaded to the Counseling Program Application.
  7. Official transcripts from each college or university that the applicant has attended.  The transcripts need to be sent directly to the Graduate School.
  8. Official GRE or MAT test scores (no more than five years old). Your admissions materials can be submitted to the Graduate School Office in no particular order as long as everything is submitted by the 15th of February.

Apply to Graduate School

Graduate School Information

Once a Candidate

Following the application into the Graduate School and the program, you will be invited to attend admission workshops. A workshop includes a group interview with faculty and a writing proficiency exam. After the interview and writing exam, candidates will be notified via email as to their acceptance in the program. No oral confirmations of admission status will be provided.

Again, you will not be considered a candidate if you only apply and get accepted to the Graduate School, you must apply to either of our programs and go through the process.


*If there are any questions about the process please either check your application status on the application page (button located above) or email us at