Services Offered:


  • Individual Counseling- Individual counseling is a collaborative process in which a confidential helping relationship is developed between a counselor and the client.  The counselor acts as a facilitator to help the client to understand more accurately themselves and the world around them. The counselor and client explore the client's feelings and behaviors, relationships with others, choices and decisions, as well as the client's current situation.  The number of sessions that a student meets with a counselor depend on the issues he or she is addressing, the severity of the issues, and on the coping mechanisms of the student. All of this will be discussed early on in counseling, so that the student has a good idea of what their commitment and responsibility is in the counseling relationship. Sessions last approximately 50 minutes.
  • Group Counseling- Group counseling is a process where a group of individuals meet weekly with one of the counselors to discuss specific issues.  A benefit of group counseling is that members are able to relate to others who are in a situation similar to their own.  Group counseling is also a safe place where you meet with the same individuals each week. Disclosing group information outside of the group is inappropriate; therefore, it is stressed that what people talk about or share with the group must remain within the group.
  • Scope of Service- The counseling and personal development center provides brief/solution focused therapeutic intervention to UTC students. We typically provide services to students experiencing issues related to depression, anxiety, adjustment to school and/or new situations. We can also provide services for more intensive issues, such as crisis intervention, post-trauma work, and maintenance therapy for individuals with long-term mental illness issues who are cognitively and emotional stable. In the event that individuals are assessed and need longer term treatment and/or a higher level of care than we can provide, we will work with that student to obtain appropriate resources in the community.  


  • Sometimes objective evaluations can help counselors and clients gain a clearer picture of the issues.  The Center offers a variety of objective tests on issues such as career, personality, college adjustment etc.  Your counselor will be able to help you determine if these instruments will be useful. 

    There is a small fee for this service. The price of the test includes an in-take appointment, testing materials, and a session with a counselor to interpret the results of the assessment.

Psychiatric Services

  • Referrals are made for psychiatric treatment and medication management.  The CPDC has a relationship with a psychiatrist and services are available at the center at a minimal cost to the student.


  • The Counseling and Career Planning center is able to work with most students but on occasion a student may require services which are beyond the scope of the services offered at the Counseling Center, such as chronic or severe mental health issues requiring close monitoring.  In these instances, we will work with the student to facilitate a referral to an outside agency. 
  • Referrals are made for psychiatric treatment.  The Counseling and Career Planning Center has a relationship with a psychiatrist and services are available at the center at a minimal cost to the student.


  • Occasionally, a student may be concerned about a friend, a parent may be concerned about a son or daughter, or a faculty member may be concerned about a student.  These are all reasons why someone may contact the Center and consult on how to best deal with the situation. Consultation is available with students, faculty, staff, and community organizations. Contact the Center for more information.


  • Staff members of the Counseling and Personal Development Center provide outreach services to the University Community and beyond. Staff members have done programming related to social skills, codependency issues, body image, alcohol and drug use, and college adjustment, etc. Staff has also worked in collaboration with the Health Educator, Freshmen and Transfer Orientation, the Fresh Life Program and Residence Hall Programs. 

If you have a potential outreach activity and would like to collaborate: 

Outreach Request Form