Counseling Center - Stress

Campus Calm - Great site for college students to research information related to stress and how to combat the everyday stressors.

Half of Us -A website designed to help college age students find help and information, fight stigmas associated with mental health issues, and learn from and connect with others.

Mindfulness Downloads: Mindfulness Compassion & Mindfulness Solutions - Provides assessments, resources, information for students and parents.

Relaxation: Audio exercises & "Rainy Mood" Youtube video

Stress Screening: Take a confidential screening to help you decide what the next step should be.

Tips for Handling Stress:

By Ed Smith, Ph.D.

Be sure to get adequate sleep. A big problem for college students is that they burn the candle at both ends due to academic and social demands.
Be sure not to use alcohol and drugs as a way to relax. There are much healthier ways to relax. These include:
  • Exercise
  • Taking a walk or a run in a safe place
  • Watching T.V. or a movie for a limited amount of time, (be careful not to become a couch potato and watch T.V. all the time.)
  • Use relaxation tapes or soothing music to calm you down before sleep
Breathe deeply; a sigh can sometimes be the perfect stress relief in the middle of the day.
Be sure to follow good nutrition habits.
Be sure to talk with others about the stress you are feeling. Make sure the people you talk to will listen to how you feel.
Be sure to balance your time. You can’t work all the time, and you can’t play all the time. Remember to take time to care for yourself, without taking so much time that you do not meet your academic demands.
Be aware of your mood and your attitude. Being snappy and irritable can damage relationships that may be important to you. If you are stressed or upset, remember not to take it out on others such as roommates, girlfriends or boyfriends.
If you feel your stress is becoming more than you can handle, be sure to contact the Counseling Center by phone or by using our walk-in services.
Also, remember H.A.L.T. which stands for: Never get too… HUNGRY, ANGRY, LONELY or TIRED.