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Scope of Care

The Counseling Center provides brief, solution-focused therapeutic interventions to UTC students. Common issues include:

  • Depression 
  • Anxiety
  • Adjustment Issues
  • Relationship Problems
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Trauma

Additionally, we will work with students to obtain appropriate support in the community, if required. 

If you have never been to the the Counseling Center, the first step in accessing services is to schedule an initial screening appointment, also known as an intake. Intakes are scheduled for 30 minutes. To schedule an intake:
  • Call the the Counseling Center at 423-425-4438 and ask to schedule an intake or simply come into the the Counseling Center between the hours of 9:00am and 3:30pm
  • Arrive at the the Counseling Center at least 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment to complete intake documentation
If you feel that your needs are more immediate or you are having an emergency (ex. thinking about harming yourself or other people):
  • Walk into the the Counseling Center office 
  • No appointment is needed for students who have critical needs or who are in distress
Location: The the Counseling Center is located on the third floor of the University Center, Room 338. 
Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Phone: 423-425-4438
Crisis After Hours: 423-425- CARE (2273). Select option #4 for Counselor On-Call (UTC Police – Ask for counselor on-call); If you are having an emergency and live off campus, CALL 911.
The Counseling Center services are available to any currently enrolled students. A typical treatment course includes:
  • Initial Intake
  • Individual Sessions
  • Group Therapy
  • Crisis Services (if needed)
When you meet with a counselor, you will develop a treatment plan appropriate for you. Some people may go to group counseling only. Others may want to utilize individual sessions. Your treatment is tailored to meet your needs. For those requiring a higher level of care or wanting support outside of the center, the the Counseling Center will refer students to community providers.


Intakes occur daily between 9:00am and 3:30pm. You will meet with a professionally trained clinician who will get to know you, discuss what brought you to the center, and figure out how we can best serve you.

One-on-One Therapy

Through individual therapy, you and your clinician will explore your issues, problem-solve, and collaborate on treatment goals. It is our hope that within a short period of time that you will have the skills and abilities to cope effectively with your issues.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is facilitated by counselors and has the added benefit of peer support in a confidential setting. In group therapy, you will be interacting with your peers and learning more about yourself. Some are psychoeducational and clinician led (ex. learning about how to handle stress, practicing mindfulness skills) while others may be more process-oriented and facilitated by a the Counseling Center clinician.   

Crisis Services

Clinicians provide crisis support for a variety of reasons including these emergencies:

  • Thoughts of suicide/hurting others
  • Intentions of harming self/others
  • Psychosis (ex. hallucinations, delusions)
  • Sudden traumas (ex. sexual assault)

Psychiatric Support

Referrals for psychiatric services and medications may be provided, as appropriate. These services may incur an additional cost not covered by the student health fee. Please ask your clinician if you’d like to know more about what psychiatric services may be available to you. 



the Counseling Center staff members provide regularly support and provide mental health programming to the UTC community. If you have a potential outreach activity and would like to collaborate with us, then please complete an Outreach Request Form.