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Groups Held by Counseling Center

Groups Held by Counseling Center

Heart Math logoHeart Math

Wednesdays, 2-3pm (first meeting: 9/11)
Heart Math is used by tens of thousands of students around the world. EmWave and Inner Balance trainers help students quickly gain the self-regulation skills needed for their mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing, and their academic success. Students who practice with the emWave self-regulation technology gain several key benefits, including improved academic focus, impulse control, emotional resilience, and improved attitudes and behavior. All are keys to helping students become more resilience and perform at their optimum level.


Wandering Wednesdays LogoWandering Wednesdays

Wandering Wednesdays brings students together with their peers to learn more about themselves and others using experiential activities such as mindfulness, art therapy, and gardening. Groups are intended to increase social connection, lower symptoms of anxiety and depression, and increase student awareness of mental health resources.




Fierse logoF.I.E.R.S.E.

A group for women who are “Finding Inspiration, Empowerment, and Resiliency through Self-Esteem.”






A multicolored heartHealing is Possible (HIP) Group Therapy

Healing is Possible or HIP is a support group for women who have experienced sexual trauma or childhood sexual abuse.  The group is small and works on the principal that one can find recovery and empowerment among other survivors.  The group focuses on education about abuse, gaining needed coping skills, increasing awareness about boundaries, and learning how certain behaviors can be linked to past abuse. Please contact the counseling center at 423-425-4438 for more information. 


destressDe-stress and Refocus Group

The De-Stress and ReFocus group will offer the opportunity to gain strategies for coping with stress and anxiety to develop your personal plan for improved overall well-being.  Relax and gain confidence.  Please contact the counseling center at 423-425-4438 for more information. 




destressWomen of Color

The Women of Color group is designed to create a safe space exclusively for undergraduate and graduate women of racial minority status.  The small group will allow for 5-6 individuals an opportunity to receive multiple perspectives, support, encouragement, and feedback in a confidential environment.   Throughout the group process, an individual is likely to gain a sense of empowerment, learn effective coping strategies, and deepen their level of self-awareness.  Please contact the counseling center at 423-425-4438 for more information. 



destressLGBTQI Group

The LGBTQ Support Group is a psychologically-orientated group for students to receive support around sexual/gender identity.  The group offers a small, safe, confidential, and inclusive space to promote community, enhance self-esteem, discuss relational conflicts, learn effective ways to cope with overcoming personal stressors, and provides an opportunity to give/receive feedback.  If you’re interested and would like additional information, please contact Carmen Lewis at 423-425-4438 




Grief and Loss

Grief and loss are a part of everyone’s life. A person can lose health, a job, a pet, or a way of life. In the grief and loss group, members will process the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual effects of grief.





image thumbnailSuicide Prevention and Training- CPR for Mental Health

Most of us will know someone who is thinking about suicide. This training gives us the tools and resources to help someone in need. This is NOT training for professionals. Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR) is known as the CPR for Mental Health. Everyone should know the information presented in this training. 

Offered each semester or upon request to a group of 10 or faculty, staff, or students. Contact Tricia at to schedule a training. 

Event sponsored by the Dean of Students. 


green zone

Green Zone Training

Training to help faculty, staff, and students provide supportive services necessary to ensure that veteran students are successful in their academic pursuits, adjust to the campus environment, and eventually transition to civilian employment

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This student lead gropu empowers students to challenge the stigma associated with mental health and wellness. Find us on facebook at UTC Active Minds. 

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