College Transition

Cengage Brainiac: Blog offering tips and how-to-guides on topics like saving money, finding a job, studying, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

half of us: A website designed to help college age students find help and information, fight stigmas associated with mental health issues, and learn from and connect with others. 

How To Make Friends In College or University: Guide to making friends on campus. 

How To Study In College: Information on studying, note taking, and time management.

I'm First!: An online community celebrating first-generation college students and supporting those who will be. 

Transition Year: This is a very helpful website that addresses the issues students should think about as the make the transition into the college setting.

Your Freshman Year: Articles for managing your freshman year. Includes topics such as managing the transition from high school to college, overcoming homesickness, and navigating the college orientation process.