Council Structure and Activities

The Convener, chosen from the membership, is responsible for chairing all meetings of the Council; sending out notices of meetings, invitations to special guests, and executing all contracts for outside speakers; communicating with the membership, the Administration, and the UC Foundation on all matters relating to Council activities; working with the Communications and Marketing Office and the media in securing appropriate coverage of Council activities and recognition of Council Members; maintaining the Council's official records; approve and sign all stipends and travel grants under the Council's account.

The Membership Committee composed of six members, chaired by the Convener (who only votes in case of a tie), is responsible for proposing selection and nomination procedures, for advising the Council on the number of inductees to be added from time to time, and for the identification, nomination and election of new members.

Responsibilities of Members

Members of the Council are expected to continue a high level of productivity in the areas of research, scholarly publications and/or professional presentations within their chosen fields.

They are requested to participate in the Council's activities by attending the Council's meetings and function; making occasional presentations before the Council relative to their research or scholarly interests.

Members are also expected to submit occasional reports on their research/publication/presentation activities and on offices held in the context of professional societies. These reports are coordinated and summarized by the Convener and transmitted to the Administration and the University of Chattanooga Foundation.

Members of the Council who resign from the University must resign from the Council. Members who retire at the University may continue to participate in all Council activities but without stipend and travel allocations, and without obligations.

Grant Procedures

The yearly stipend awards (presently in the amount of $500) are issued to following induction to the Council and (under present budgetary provisions) for the duration of active membership. The $200 travel award is not carried over beyond the fiscal year. These funds are disbursed (with the approval of the Convener) through normal departmental channels and they are granted on first-come first-served basis.