Social Media Policy Statement

The use of social media is increasingly common for University departments, students and employees. These communication tools have the potential for significant impact on the University's brand, reputation and professional endeavors. The social media policy includes suggestions on how to protect personal and professional reputations while using social media effectively. The policy requires that:

  • Officially recognized accounts be reviewed and approved through the social media application process.
  • Each social media account will have at least two responsible UTC-employed administrators assigned.
  • Each officially approved account will contain a disclaimer statement regarding content and opinions contained on the account.
  • Posts containing inappropriate, offensive, illegal or profane content may be removed by UTC employees.
  • Social Media Best Practices will be considered and followed.

Acceptable Use

The most important policy to consider is the University's Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources policy (IT0110).


Another important policy to consider is the University's policy on disclosure of information under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, or FERPA. The law governs, among other things, how the University and its employees may disclose information about students, past and present. Learn more and find resources for questions about FERPA.

Editorial Style

Before creating content, familiarize yourself with the University's Editorial and Style Guidelines.


If you have any questions about social media best practices or need guidance when problems or issues of concern arise, contact the Office of Communications and Marketing at 423-425-4363 or by email.