Public Records Requests

UTC's Office of Communications and Marketing handles requests for public records for the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

Along with complying with the Tennessee Public Records Act, the University aims to respond as efficiently and promptly as possible. Any Tennessee resident can request records made or received pursuant to law or in connection with the transaction of official University business.

Our office will respond to all requests within seven business days. The response will acknowledge receipt of the request and include one of the following:

  1. a notification that the documents are ready for inspection;
  2. a denial of the request, which will include the basis for denying the request; or
  3. an estimate of the time needed to produce the documents.

The standard charge for paper copies of documents is $.15 per page in black-&-white and $.50 per page in color. Requests for paper or electronic copies of documents must be submitted in writing. If fulfilling the request (locating, retrieving, reviewing, redacting, and/or reproducing the records) requires more than one hour of staff time, an estimate of charges will be provided in advance of fulfilling the request. If the documents exist electronically, the actual cost of permanently storing them on "read-only" computer media such as CD-ROM or DVD-ROM will be calculated and charged to the requestor. If the record requested exists electronically, but not in the requested format, an estimate of the labor costs or any materials required to produce and deliver the record(s) will also be provided in advance.

The University of Tennessee has promulgated a rule under the Tennessee Uniform Administrative Procedures Act that describes the charges for copies of public records. A complete copy of these rules is available for download (pdf).

For more information on the Tennessee Public Records Act, please visit the Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury’s website.