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Media Resources 

Media Relations Contact: Email Shawn Ryan or call 423-425-4363.

Publicity and promotion of UTC events or projects

Promote your news or event

Submit a publicity request form and you will be contacted shortly.

Add public UTC events to the website calendar 

Here’s how to let the community know about public events.

Submit information for This Week’s Events →

Campus-wide email distribution

How to send:

Campus-wide emails can be sent to the following:

The process:

UTCINFO and UTCNEWS are moderated distribution lists. Your message is sent to a moderation queue for approval by a staff member before it is sent to the campus community.

When you prepare a message for approval, write it as you wish it to be read by your intended recipients. Once approved, the email will be distributed just as you wrote it. Proofread your text. Edits can be made only by their original authors.

Graphics or images—Don’t use them:

Graphics, including logos, must not be included. Do not send email with logos, images or photos within the message or included as an attachment. Graphics and images can cause issues with formatting, accessibility and delivery.

Submissions that contain graphics may be returned to their authors.

Use of attachments:

Attachments can not be sent in messages to campus-wide email listservs. This includes images, pdf documents and Word documents.

Submissions that include attachments may be returned to their authors.