The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga


Site Selected for Student Wellness Center

A field across from the McKenzie Arena on East Fifth Street was selected as the location for a new UTC Student Wellness Center.

No campus parking will be lost in the construction of the new facility, however the decision will diminish campus green space and displace some Exercise, Health and Leisure Studies classes. A total of 800 faculty, staff, and students weighed in on the issue.

“This is the better choice because the ground is flat, providing a better location at the entrance of the campus,” according to Richard MacDougall, Vice Chancellor of Student Development.

Andy Roth was the architect chosen to design plans for the Student Wellness Center, an 80,000-100,000 square foot facility.

The student body voted to use an activity fee increase to build the facility, which will include an indoor track, gym, and a recreational aquatics center. Construction is scheduled to begin in late spring, 2005.