Freshman Seminar Solves Mysteries of Campus

Excitement is building as high school juniors begin to take steps to finalize their plans for college next fall semester. If the newbies coming to the UTC campus may be feeling a little uneasy about starting their college career, their Freshman Seminar class will introduce them to opportunities they may not have discovered on their own.

"I like to take my freshman seminar class on the campus CARTA shuttle to familiarize them with the stops, and let them see how easy it is to use this service. Something so simple can really increase the comfort level of a new student," according to Chuck Cantrell, UTC Assistant Vice Chancellor of University Relations.

Pondering a full load of college classes for the first time can be somewhat overwhelming, and Dr. Ron Bohrer, who oversees Freshman Seminar says the UTC staff instructors will help students learn how to take a different approach in their studies.

"It takes an adjustment to read different texts, for instance a novel vs. a physics book. Instructors also cover the best ways to take notes and study for tests. The instructor will serve as a mentor and confidant who will build a community of learners who want to continue to learn at the conclusion of the course," Bohrer said. Bohrer says another hot discussion topic in Freshman Seminar is money management.

"More and more people are involved in debt. Although the University does not allow credit card companies to do mass mailings on campus, the students are aware of the offers, and the temptation to overspend is there," Bohrer said.

To fight the "freshman fifteen," a weight gain many students away from home for the first time experience, instructors encourage physical education. "If there’s a staircase, they should use it!," Bohrer laughs.

Students are required to attend several campus events such as theatre productions, music recitals and athletics events, and then write a report about the experience. One of the nicest social outlets of this class is reflected in relationships forged among students, which often leads to long-lasting friendships, according to Bohrer. He knows of two students from a freshman seminar class who became friends and later married.

The start of Fall semester, 2003 is not so far away, and even closer is February 1, 2003, the priority deadline for scholarships for all first time freshman at UTC. Students must have their admissions application file completed, including high school transcript, ACT/SAT scores, UTC admissions application and $25 application fee. Visit our Scholarship page for more information.