Proceeds from The Vagina Monologues Benefit Local Agencies

Three UTC performances of The Vagina Monologues combined with tee-shirt sales netted over $4500 for local organizations working to address violence against women in the Chattanooga community.

"The Vagina Monologues turned out so well this year, we're so proud and pleased with the community support and performances," according to Mandy Morgan, president of the Women’s Action Council at the University. The shows were part of the V-Day (on or near Valentine’s Day) College Initiative to End Violence Against Women, which was held on hundreds of college and university campuses around the world.

One group chosen to share the proceeds from this event is the Sexual Assault Resource Center of Family and Children's Services.

"Right now, all the photographs taken of victims and their wounds for evidence are being taken with a Polaroid camera. Not only does this cause them problems with confidentiality, but the photos also deteriorate quickly, and then they are not admissible in court," according to Morgan.

Another beneficiary is the Chattanooga Coalition Against Domestic Violence, which works closely with Family and Children's Services and other agencies in Chattanooga as a coordinating council.


"They have given thousands of hours of community education courses, do court monitoring, and general intervention when a domestic violence case is falling through the cracks. They have put on two annual clergy workshops. They are doing all this on a shoestring and looking for more solid funding. Their Director has done full time work for eight years without pay," according to Morgan.

The remaining money will go toward UTC efforts to prevent violence, according to Morgan.

If you would like to lend support to the national annual effort to prevent violence, please visit