The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Richard Brown, left and Dr. Fred Obear, right, present the United Way check to Josh McManus


A caring campus exceeds United Way goal

Faculty, staff, and students raised $103,000 for the 2004 United Way campaign, exceeding the campus goal by $3,000.  Josh McManus, United Way Vice President of Organizational Development for the United Way of Greater Chattanooga, accepted the check from Interim Chancellor Fred Obear and Richard Brown, Vice Chancellor of Finance and Operations.

“UTC is in an elite group of organizations that contributes over $100,000 annually.  Many of these companies are for-profit, meaning a company will often match gifts to reach the goal.  In the case of UTC,  a non-profit organization, faculty, staff, and students are solely responsible for reaching and surpassing this year’s goal,” McManus said.

Marge Fergason, chair of the Employee Relations Committee, Dr. Richard Rice, President of the Faculty Senate, and Jean Dake, chairperson for the Exempt Staff Council, served as this year’s United Way Campaign Co-Chairs for the University.  They worked with Richard Brown, Employee Campaign Manager, to encourage the campus community to support the United Way.

“To every individual who gave a gift, thanks.  To every person who provided sweat equity to help with the campaign, thanks.  And to our Campaign team of volunteers, thank you, thank you, thank you,” Brown said.

Brown has lead four successful United Way Campaigns as Campaign Manager. 

“Next year, I will hand over the reigns to Bob Lyon, Vice Chancellor for University Advancement, to lead United Way 2005.  We will all stand united to assist Bob as he takes on this great humanitarian effort on behalf of the campus,” Brown said.

This year, the  second United Way auction raised $ 2,400, twice as much as last year to boost the campus donation. 

“We were struggling at $99,000 for a long time until Richard Brown put his ties in the auction,” Dr. Fred Obear joked. 

United Way supports 46 agencies to deliver critical services to many area citizens.  Last year, 404 faculty and staff members and their relatives were served by United Way agencies, using $157,510 in services.