The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Scrappy celebrates with Richard MacDougall, Vice Chancellor for Student Development

Under the leadership of Kino Becton, former SGA President, and James Armour, current SGA President, student participation propelled the renovation and expansion of the new UC.

The happy, hard working UC staff includes: Shannon Smith, University Center Director; Nicole Stewart, Assistant Director for Programs; Justin Holland, Assitant Director for Operations; and Dr. Ellen Neufeldt, Assistant Vice Chancellor of Student Development and Dean of Student Life.


Campus Heart Celebrates Reopening

Using the words of the late children’s show host Mr. Rogers, UTC Vice Chancellor of Student Development Richard MacDougall told a crowd gathered to celebrate the grand reopening of the UTC University Center “it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood!”

The University Center was closed in May 2002 for a $15 million facelift including construction and renovation. It opened in fall 2003 with a new food services area , 600 seat commons, meeting rooms, Adult Services, a new bookstore and computer lab. Recently, there have been more additions with offices for the student newspaper, The Echo, a 300-seat auditorium and more.

“When the University Center was closed, we realized how important it was as a gathering place to keep the pulse of the campus,” MacDougall said.

Student Government Association President James Armour agreed. “Students come here to eat, hang out and study. Thanks to the students for waiting for this building. I also want to say, ‘Take care of it,’ “ Armour said.

By referendum, students at UTC approved an increase in fees to support the project.

Chancellor Billy Stacy said the new UC is a part of improving the learning environment for students. “It is also the first place a new student will visit on campus. We say to the students and people of Tennessee ‘thank you’ for the quality of what we are able to open,” Stacy said.

Dr. Joe Johnson, Interim President of the University of Tennessee, architect W. Vance Travis and Adrienne Teague, President of the Association for Campus Entertainment (ACE) also offered remarks. ACE and Aramark provided refreshments for the event.

Quick history of the University Center:

  • 1972-1974 Construction of UC by Jack Tyler & Associates. Cost: $3,400,000 for 83,100 square feet
  • 1982-1984 Addition of 53,800 square feet. Joint venture, Socrates Sabater and William Martin, Architects, cost: $2,854,000 Atrium, Athletic Dining Room, Raccoon Mountain Room, additional meeting rooms, renovation of food services grill area
  • 1987-1989 Renovation project by TWH Architects, W. Vance Travis, cost: $1,350,000. Included relocation of game room to lower level, atrium remodel, patio, student activity area and remodel of Counseling and Placement centers
  • March, 1994 First meeting to brainstorm new addition
  • 1997-98 Students approve referendum to increase fees to finance addition
  • May, 2002-August, 2003 UC closed for $15 million construction and renovation by TWH Architects, W. Vance Travis
  • Fall, 2003 UC opens with new food services area, bookstore, meeting rooms
  • Grand reopening: March 19, 2004!