The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Chancellors Stacy shakes hands with Chancellor for the day J.D. Barrett.

Student and Chancellor “Trading Places”

Winning first prize in a drawing to be Chancellor for the day was the farthest thing from J.D. Barrett’s mind. “My roommate has heart disease, and I thought I would buy a ticket from the Student Alumni Council fundraising to support The American Heart Association. I never dreamed I would be trading places with the Chancellor!” Barrett said.

The sophomore met University vice chancellors in a series of meetings, learning their responsibilities and the functions of staff. “It has been very interesting,” Barrett said. Although he did not see himself as Chancellor of UTC, he said he could imagine his career taking a collegiate turn. “There are career paths I could take at the University, and this experience is good for any student to better understand how the University works.”

Meanwhile, toting a backpack and setting into Dr. Anthony Steinhoff’s World Civilizations Class was a treat for Dr. Bill Stacy. “What a great class! Dr. Steinhoff’s historical perspective was relevant to understanding cultures in the Middle East today. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience,” Stacy said. He he took copious notes for Barrett.

Trading Places raised nearly $200 in the fight against heart disease. James Hobbs served as the SAC chairman of the event.