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Lupton Renaissance Fund Update


When Tool Belts Become Fashion Statements

There was something eerily reminiscent of the camp rock 'n' roll act The Village People when Finance and Operations hosted a recent picnic for faculty and staff, but instead of “Macho Man” the Gator Parade took off to the smooth strains of the “Theme from Shaft.“

The celebration’s construction theme tipped a hard hat to the growing pains experienced by the campus, according to Janet Spraker, Facilities, Planning and Management.

“It's been a long and messy year or two, and we sure do appreciate the patience of our students, faculty, and staff. At the same time, it's really exciting to see the transformation of the campus,” Spraker said.

For instance, the Engineering, Math, and Computer Science building on Vine Street will open at the start of fall semester after a two-year construction process.

“We've been installing furniture, moving offices, classrooms, and laboratories since May. The parking lot construction continues,” Spraker said. The parking lot will be one large Lot 10, a reserved parking lot, and there will no longer be Lots 14 and 15.

As part of a limited re-opening of the University Center, food service will be offered on the first day of classes, August 15, and offices will be available for use. Race Hall is nearly finished and occupants are due to move back sometime in September, according to Spraker.

“The new and improved Race Hall will be home to Records & Registration, the Graduate School, Grants & Program Review, and Personnel Services,” Spraker said.