UTC Historians and Artist Create History Textbook

A new history textbook from Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company called America: The Endless Quest, Vol I and II showcases a unique collaborative UTC effort.

Dr. James Ward, Guerry UTC Professor of History and the author of several books, most recently Ferrytale, The Career of W. H. ‘Ping’ Ferry, Stanford University Press has written this two-volume set along with Dr. H. Larry Ingle, UTC professor emeritus and Ingle’s former student, Dr.William B. Scott, Kenyon College professor of American history. Cover art for both volumes was designed by Steve Lewinter,UTC professor of art.

The book emphasizes political, social, and intellectual history by highlighting the broad trends in America’s past.

According to Ward, "The textbook confronts the student with the dilemmas Americans have faced in the past and shows how they have attempted to deal with them. The use of postage stamps for illustrations demonstrates how postal authorities viewed the past and conveys something of the popular images of the people and events depicted."

Using the postage stamps on the cover and throughout the book allowed continuity of the theme, according to Lewinter.

"Using stamps to tell the story of history is really inventive. The authors were careful in their selection of stamps in the chapters of the book. My covers represent each book with maps, images of a ship, the globe, all the parts of the collage that represent our country’s endless quest," Lewinter said.

Ward is using the book in class, and he says he tells his students that he and Ingle collect no royalties from the book.

"We donated our royalties to our third author, Scott, who is younger and has his first child in college," Ward said.

For more information on how to order America: The Endless Quest click here for Volume I and here for Volume II.