The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Lupton Renaissance Fund Update

Faculty Tenure and Promotions Announced

Chancellor Bill Stacy and the UTC campus community congratulate the outstanding faculty members who were awarded tenure or promotion recently by the UT Board of Trustees.

“These faculty represent UTC very well. We are grateful that they are here,” Stacy said.

Tenured as Professor were:
Roger Briley, Computational Engineering
Bill Harman, Philosophy and Religion
Henry McDonald, Computational Engineering
Timothy Swafford, Computational Engineering
Dave Whitfield, Computational Engineering

Tenured as Associate Professor were:
Hill Craddock, Biological and Environmental Sciences
Matt Greenwell, Art
Kay Lindgren, Nursing
Claire McCullough, Engineering

Tenured as Assistant Professor were:
Lee Harris, Music
Terri LeMoyne, Sociology, Anthropology, and Geography
Craig Laing, Sociology, Anthropology, and Geography
Kyle Knight, Chemistry
Melanie McCoskey, Accounting

Promoted to rank of Professor were:
Diane Halstead, Marketing and Entrepreneurship
David Levine, Physical Therapy
Deborah McAllister, Education
Gail Meyer, Chemistry
David Ross, Psychology

Promoted to rank of Associate Professor were:
Richard Allen, Management
Robert Bailey, Engineering
Stephen Eskildsen, Philosophy and Religion
Lee Harris, Music
Michael Jones, Marketing and Entrepreneurship
Kyle Knight, Chemistry
Melanie McCoskey, Accounting and Finance
Joseph Owino, Engineering
Joanie Sompayrac, Accounting and Finance
Cecelia Wigel, Engineering