Three digit telephone exchange changed

Dialing a telephone number on the UTC campus is becoming a more uniform experience, because the three digit exchange for the entire campus has been changed to 425.

"This replaces the current 755, 757, 785, 321, and other numbers on campus. The last four digits of the telephone numbers will remain the same, and the area code remains 423," according to University spokesman Chuck Cantrell.

Most importantly, the new exchange will provide additional numbers to accommodate campus growth and the addition of more phones, while at the same time eliminating confusion caused from having a variety of exchanges. BellSouth has been working with campus Communication Services to test numbers from off and on campus.

"The new 425 exchange is effective immediately, but we are still working out some kinks in the system. If the 425 number does not work, the current prefixes for faculty and staff will work until September. The 757 dorm exchange will come off-line during the summer," Cantrell said.

Two numbers that will not change are 266-MOCS, the McKenzie Arena ticket phone number and the WUTC Studio line, 265-WUTC.