The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Priority Registration begins for Spring 2005

Current students need to check their OneNet account for any holds that will prohibit registration for spring.

Before registering, students must meet with an academic adviser. To secure an advisement appointment time, the academic adviser must be contacted. Registration time is not the same as an advisement appointment.

New students for the spring 2005 semester should contact the UTC Admissions Office at 423-425-4662 (or 1-800-UTC-MOCS). New graduate students can call 425-4666.

Registration is assigned by days rather than by specific appointment times. Registration may occur anytime after 8:30 a.m. on the initial day assigned to your class.

Each student class level may begin registration on a specific date:

Seniors (90+ earned hours) November 1
Juniors (60-89 earned hours) November 3
Sophomores (24-59 earned hours) November 8
Freshmen (0-23 earned hours) November 10


How do I get ready to register?

  • View and print your RAP sheet to determine possible courses for next semester.
  • Make an appointment with your faculty adviser.
  • Access the Course Timetable via the web and have a plan before you meet with your adviser.

What if I have holds?

  • You must clear your holds before you will be able to register.
    • If you have an Advisement hold, you must complete the drop/add form and have it signed in the Advisement Office, 278 University Center.
    • If you have an Immunization Hold, you must provide the required documentation to Student Health Services and have it removed before you will be able to register. For more information visit Student Health

How do I register?

  • On-line with your advisement code
  • In person (Records & Registration Office, Adult Services, and Graduate School) with a signed drop/add form

How do I change course sections?

  • You may change sections on line and do not need an advisement code.

When are fees due?

  • You must confirm or pay fees by December 17, 2004.

What if I don't pay fees by December 17th?

  • Your classes will be cancelled and you will have to re-register. There is no guarantee that your original courses will be available.

If you have questions, please contact the Records and Registration Office at (423) 425-4416