Inclement Weather Policy and Procedures


Once again, a reminder about inclement weather and announcing schedule changes:

With the threat of inclement weather, I want to remind everyone of our procedures for announcing schedule changes.

As soon as a decision is made, the Office of University Relations contacts the following local television stations:
WDEF Channel 12 (Chattanooga Comcast Cable Channel 13)
WDSI Channel 61 (Chattanooga Comcast Cable Channel 11)
WRCB Channel 3 (Chattanooga Comcast Cable Channel 04)
WTVC Channel 9 (Chattnaooga Comcast Cable Channel 10)

WUTC, FM88.1 will announce schedule changes.

We will also call as many radio stations as answer. Most radio stations no longer operate a news department and their morning staffs are small. Often our calls to them during bad weather are not answered.

You can also call several phone numbers for up-to-date information. The main UTC line, 425-4111, will be programmed with current information, as will the UTC Snow Line, 425-4SNO (4766). The University Relations main line, 425-4363 will also be updated.

Additionally, if at all possible, the schedule change will be reflected on and a RAVEN email will be distributed.

Each of these is dependent upon electrical power, phone, and other utility availability at the homes of the University Relations staff members and we will do our absolute best to keep each of these outlets updated.

Remember, when it is necessary for the University to open late, we will likely open on an hour or half-hour. For Tuesday and Thursday time periods, faculty and students should report to the classes or laboratories in progress at the stated opening time. For example, if the University opens at 10 a.m. on a Tuesday, report to 9:25 classes.

Every attempt will be made to announce schedule changes as soon as possible.

In the event of bad weather, please be patient, safe, and smart. Use your best judgement about conditions in your area. Employees who feel they can not reach the campus should contact their supervisors. Likewise, students are advised to contact faculty members if they are unable to reach campus because of conditions in their area