The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Photo of Grote Scholarship Winners

Bottom row: Lindsey Miller, Amanda Mansfield, Vanessa Janeksela. Middle row: Lauren DeLoach, Alicia Allen.
Top row: Nathan Kokes, Ken Patel, Laura Palmiero, Carrie Stewart, Stephanie Vermillion, Kendra Hanlon, Daniel Chatham. Not pictured: Sara Magee.
The Department of Chemistry at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga announces the 2003-2004 Grote Scholars:
Lindsey Miller, freshman
Vanessa Janeksela, junior
Alicia Allen, senior
Ken Patel, junior
Stephanie Vermillion, senior
all of Chattanooga;
Kendra Hanlon , freshman, Dyersburg, TN
Daniel Chatham, freshman, Dyersburg, TN
Lauren DeLoach, freshman, Jackson, TN
Amanda Mansfield, sophomore, McKenzie, TN
Nathan Kokes, junior, Crossville, TN
Sara Magee, junior, Huntingdon, TN
Laura Palmiero, senior, Lafayette, IN
Carrie Stewart, senior, Bluff City, TN

UTC Grote Scholars Announced

"We have 13 Grote Scholars this year. The freshman class was so strong that we accepted 4, putting us over our usual number of 12 scholars,” according to Gail M. Meyer, Ed.D. UC Foundation Professor of Chemistry.

Grote Chemistry Scholarship Program awards are renewable over a four-year period and can be added to other University scholarships. Grote Chemistry Scholarships are named in honor of Dr. Irvine W. Grote, who served as head of the UTC chemistry department from 1941 to 1964. Previous Grote Scholars have graduated with distinction and gone on to success in chemical graduate schools, medical schools, law school, and the chemical industry.

Grote Chemistry Scholarship eligibility is based upon:

  • completion of a course in high school chemistry with an A or B
  • a high school grade point average of 3.5 or above
  • a composite score of 26 or above on the enhanced ACT exam (or SAT equivalent)
  • the student declaring chemistry as a major at UTC

Eligible majors include all BS and BA Chemistry degrees (including biochemistry and pre-medicine and pre-dental).

Selection of the Grote Chemistry Scholarship recipients is based on academic performance, interest in chemistry, and potential for continued outstanding achievement.

Please email or call (423) 425-4486 or (423) 425-4278 for more information.