The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga



Students to vote on Athletics Fee Referendum April 21-23

Students will vote on a dedicated athletics fee of up to $6.25 per credit hour with a maximum of $75 per semester on April 21-23.

Students can vote online or in the UC lobby beginning April 21 and ending April 23. Online voting will not be activated until April 21.

Here is the language of the referendum:
The following announcement of the referendum text was released by the Student Government Association Secretary.

Below is the text for a referendum that will come before a vote by the student body April 21-23. This is provided at this time for educational purposes only. THIS IS NOT THE ACTUAL VOTE AND YOU DO NOT NEED TO RESPOND TO THIS MESSAGE.

A series of information forums will be held prior to the vote. Specific times and locations will be announced as they are scheduled.

A Bill to Hold a Referendum Concerning the Addition of a Student Athletics Fee
Sponsor: Chilton

WHEREAS the Athletic Department of The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga has 27% more male athletes than female athletes; and,
WHEREAS the Athletic Department is facing budget cuts in the coming academic year; and,
WHEREAS students have free admission to UTC Athletic home contests; and,
WHEREAS a successful athletics program is a significant tool for recruiting new students and improving the general image of the university; and,
WHEREAS the Athletic Department is funded less than many of the other state universities competing in the Southern Conference; therefore, BE IT ENACTED by the Senate of the Student Government Association of The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga that the following item be placed on the ballot at a special referendum to be held on the 21st, 22nd, 23rd of April 2004:

Referendum Regarding Student Athletic Fees
To sufficiently fund the continued operation of intercollegiate athletics programs at UTC, there will need to be the implementation of a modest student athletic fee of $6.25 per student per credit hour starting in the fall of 2004. This fee would be applied to credit hours up to, but not to exceed, a full-time academic load (i.e.-resulting in a maximum fee of $75 per undergraduate student per semester). This fee will remain constant for the next three academic years. For any subsequent increase the Board of Trustees must take into advisement the results of a UTC's student referendum for any increase.

Students will vote yes or no April 21-23.