OneNet System to Provide Improved Service to Campus

On Tuesday, March 4, e-mail services at UTC will be transitioned to the new OneNet system.

"OneNet represents a major upgrade for the University," according to Rodger Ling, UTC Director of Technology Support Services.

Along with the necessary change in configuration, OneNet will also bring a number of enhanced services, including a new and improved web-based e-mail called Netmail that allows users to check e-mail from any Internet-linked computer.

"Although Netmail will not be available until March 4, all UTC faculty, staff, and students already have access to network storage and personal web pages through OneNet, and they are encouraged to connect to and see what's available," Ling said.

For the technical staff at UTC, OneNet represents an essential upgrade to the computing infrastructure and the opportunity to provide new services for the campus, Ling added.

The UTC Help Desk, 425-4000, is available for any difficulties encountered during the transition.

"Faculty, staff and students are invited to use the "feedback" button inside OneNet or email us to give us your comments," Ling said.