The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Photo of Rodney Allison and Family
NUSA participants tour UTC Place apartments.

Chancellor Bill Stacy speaks to the tour groups.

Community Conference Participants Tour Campus

UTC hosted three tour groups participating in the 28th annual Neighborhoods USA conference held in Chattanooga. Participants included neighborhood leaders from around the country who came to campus to learn more about partnerships between the University and the Chattanooga community.

According to Chuck Cantrell, Assistant Vice Chancellor of University Relations, the group’s interests were varied.

"An architect from Knoxville was particularly interested in looking at the way Fletcher Hall was renovated from its earlier use as the city library to become a building that has been updated for the College of Business without losing its architectural integrity," Cantrell said.

The group also learned about the Challenger Center located on campus, and they walked through a model apartment at UTC Place.

"There was also a lot of interest in the private developers of UTC Place working with the UC Foundation to create such a beautiful housing addition to our campus. The group was very impressed with the quality of the living quarters and the magnitude of development," Cantrell said.