The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

James Armour, SGA president; Ron Nelson, Campus Recreation; Tara Bolch, Outdoor Director; Emily Behringer, Intramural Director; Henry Dickerson, Student Development

New Campus Basketball Court Benefits Everyone

In cooperation with campus recreation, the UTC Student Government Association (SGA) has responded to a need for more outdoor activities by allocating funds for the new Campus Recreation Outdoor Basketball Court. A ribbon-cutting dedication ceremony was held recently.

“It’s a really big deal for students to be able to go at a moment’s notice to participate in a pickup game of basketball,” according to Dr. Ellen Neufeldt, Assistant Vice Chancellor of Student Development and Dean of Student Life.

You can find the new basketball court nestled among the tennis courts thanks to Ron Nelson, director of campus recreation. Neufeldt said the project could not have gone forward without all the help from Nelson. A group of students involved in SGA also played a role in the decision to build the court.

“The Campus Observation Committee accounts for the needs of the campus, often meeting with administrators to voice a variety of concerns. This group of students has heard from a number of students who enjoy getting together for informal outdoor activities. The basketball court is a great way for SGA to address this need,” Neufeldt said.