New meal plan introduced at taste testing party

A palate pleasing menu covering a wide range of tastes will be available for UTC students next fall with a new meal membership plan, one that will double their food options.

Aramark, the campus food services vender, hosted a taste testing party for students to introduce new menu items and to unveil plans for the new dining facilities.

“ I am extremely impressed with the presentation by Aramark. I think they have worked hard to come up with a program that offers high quality and tremendous variety in dining,” according to Kino Becton, UTC Student Government President.

Aramark will offer home cooked foods, gourmet and classic sandwiches, pizza, a large variety of salad options, grilled foods, pasta, wraps, soups, pastries, gourmet coffee and more.

“What’s most exciting to think about is that this is just the beginning. Aramark is moving into the new UC with a bang and they will grow from there,” Becton said.

Subway and Chick-Fil-A food stations will also be available, and negotiations are underway to bring in Taco Bell and Burger King.

Student representatives worked with UTC administrators and Aramark to agree on a meal plan that will help pay for expanded food services in the University Center, undergoing an extensive renovation.

“I’m glad that the administration worked with the students and listened to our concerns. The meal plans that they have come up with are fair and offer a good value to the students,” Becton said.

A wide range of food plans will be available for students.

Meal Memberships offer the maximum flexibility, membership advantages and bonuses throughout the semester. For instance, The Social Light offers 14 meals per week plus $200 Mocs Bucks. This plan is for those with a moderate appetite who are more likely to eat 14 traditional meals per week, at a semester price of $1150.

What are Mocs Bucks? All of the weekly Meal Memberships offer Mocs Bucks, which are accepted like cash at all of the dining facilities and convenience stores on campus,

Freshmen and sophomores living on campus will be required to enter plans of a minimum of $500 per semester and juniors and seniors living on campus will be required to pay $250 per semester. In both plans, students may make purchases at any of the campus dining facilities and convenience stores. Under these plans, the Mocs Card will work like an ATM Card. When a purchase is made, the money will be subtracted from the dining account. There will also be an option of upgrading the plan to a Meal Membership. This will provide more meals per week , offering a far better value over time,

Students will need to pay in advance for their fall meal plan. Money may be added any time to the Mocs Bucks Account at the Bursar’s Office.

You can learn more about the new meal plan by visiting