From left to right: Dr. Bill Stacy, Milly Fariss, and Charlie Pierce.

From left to right: Lees' niece Anne Thompson with her family, Anna ,Caroline and Gary Thompson

Fariss and Lees Honored

If you decide to take a stroll through the student park on campus situated behind Brock Hall, your feet will walk over engraved bricks, and one will be named in honor of the 2002 Distinguished Service Award winner, Milly Fariss.

Fariss and Bob Lees, 2002 Distinguished Alumnus, were honored recently at the Legends and Leaders Dinner, which will be held the first Sunday of May each year.

Fariss has volunteered innumerable hours to Mocs athletic and alumni offices, and Chancellor Bill Stacy also highlighted Fariss’ service to the Chattanooga Theatre Centre and Chattanooga Symphony and Opera Association. Fariss was key in the effort to move ticket sales and build support for the Lady Mocs basketball team, according to Coach Wes Moore.

Distinguished Alumnus Bob Lees was honored for his career accomplishments. Lees has written industrial musicals, which are shows contracted by corporations to introduce new products to the public. He performed samples of his musical parodies for the crowd, which was gathered at the Chattanooga Golf and Country Club.