The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Dr. Joseph Kizza

Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Awarded to UTC Faculty Member

Dr. Joseph Kizza is one of only four Tennessee-based scholars and one of 14 computer scientists selected to receive the 2003-2004 J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship. Since January, the associate professor of computer science has been involved in an exchange program with Makerere University in Uganda. Uganda is experiencing a rapidly expanding Information Technology (IT) sector.

Administrators at the growing institution of Makerere University have acknowledged Kizza’s experience with many accreditation and review boards here in the United States. Kizza will be working to improve the program at Makerere.

Kizza’s research will also be applied to Uganda’s digital divide through analysis of the population’s access to computers and the Internet. This study will enable the Ugandan government to provide improved computer services to its citizens.

“Dr. Kizza, by his participation in this program, is helping to build bridges within the global technical community. Advances in information processing and utilization continue to point out the need for cross cultural exchange of ideas and mutual understanding and respect for those working together,” according to Dr. Andy Novobilski, Acting Dept. Head of Computer Science. “Dr. Kizza, by his hard work, is living that process to the betterment of both his students and colleagues in Uganda and his students and colleagues here at UTC.”

Kizza will work with the graduate faculty through curriculum development, identification and acquisition of scholastic materials, collaboration on research projects, and supervision and instruction of students. In an effort to satisfy the increasing demands of young people in Uganda who want to attend the already full universities, Kizza hopes to establish web-based courses.