The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Honors and awards presented at UTC

With Dr. Bill Stacy presiding and Dr. Kit Rushing serving as Marshal, Honors Day at UTC was held recently at Patten Chapel 6. Music was provided by Michelle Faust.

Honors and Awards
*Note: Recipients of awards designated by an asterisk were recognized during the program.

Honors and awards presented at UTC

*Outstanding Achievement in Art: Angela Dittmar and Matt Carroll
Art Education: Gregory Johnson
Art History: William Tomkins
Graphic Design: Valerie Job
Painting: Charles Draper and John Stone
Printmaking: Sarah Knott

*Lillian B. Feinstein Art Scholarships
To an outstanding junior or senior art major
Jessica Hunt
To an outstanding freshman or sophomore art major
Peter Vaughn

*Doug Griffith Art Scholarship
To an outstanding student majoring in graphic design
Adam Bolin

*The Matt Haase Memorial Award
To a rising sophomore majoring in art
Christen Crowell

Wayne Hannah Scholarship
To a sophomore who is majoring in graphic design
Emily Sewell

The Carol Barinas Memorial Award
To an outstanding woman majoring in art
Priscilla Goulet

Michael Connally Memorial Award
Angela Dittmar

The James E. Gamble Memorial Award
To an outstanding student majoring in art education
Robyn McDaniel

*Joyce Litchford Memorial Scholarship
To an outstanding biology premedical student
Elysia Beth Parham

*Environmental Science Award
To the graduating senior with the highest grade point average who has made significant contribution in both service and scholastic achievement to the environmental science program
Laura Kathleen O’Dowd and William Dennis Starrett

*Dr. Wilbur K. Butts Award
To the senior biology major with the highest overall GPA
Katherine E. Van Deusen

Dr. Charles Robert Thomas Premedical Scholarship
To an outstanding premedical student
Biology: Jessica Leighanne Scott
Chemistry: Randi Gant, Gregory Helton and Tiffany Jones

*Marvin Anthony Scholarships
To outstanding students in chemistry
Weinan Chen and Darshan Naik

Marjorie Fox Higdon Textbook Awards
To deserving chemistry majors
Maikel Botros, Claire Brown and Jane Dickerson

ALCO Chemical Company Scholarships
To outstanding chemistry students
Charles Ray Sisson, Jr. and Kira Shurtz

Murray Raney Scholarship
To an outstanding chemistry major
Erika Milczek

Irvine W. Grote Scholarship
To outstanding chemistry majors
Alicia Allen, Daniel Chatham, Lauren Deloach, Kendra Hanlon,
Vanessa Janeksela, Nathanael Kokes, Sara Magee, Amanda Mansfield,
Lindsey Miller, Ken Patel, Laura Palmiero, Carrie Stewart, Stephanie

Benjamin H. Gross Award in Chemistry
To the most outstanding senior chemistry major
Gregory Helton

John W. Edwards Awards in Chemistry
To the most outstanding junior chemistry major
Vanessa Janeksela and Ken Patel
To the most outstanding sophomore chemistry major
Weinan Chen

William O. Swan Award
To the most outstanding freshman chemistry major
Maikel Botros, Lauren Deloach and Kevin Terry

American Institute of Chemists Award
To an outstanding senior chemistry major
Laura Palmiero

American Chemical Society Award
To an outstanding chemistry major
Chanda Price

Fred Armstrong Award for Excellence in Economics
To two outstanding seniors in economics
B.S. Economics—Leigh Ann Thibadoux
B.A. Economics—Craig D. Durham

*Sigma Tau Delta (English) Award
For excellence in the study of English and American language and literature
Lindsey Nicole Gosma and Melanie Margaret Griffin

Kreidekreis (German) Award
To the outstanding student in elementary German
Matthew Crigger

Sigma Delta Pi (Spanish) Award
To the outstanding student in second-year Spanish
David Graebner

*Dr. Oralia Preble-Niemi Scholarship
To students majoring in Spanish and studying abroad
Megan Podawiltz

*The North Callahan Award
In recognition of excellence in research, scholarly content and written expression as evidenced in an outstanding paper on English or American biography or history
Melanie Margaret Griffin, "Myths About Histories: A History of Greek Historiography from Homer to Hesiod"

Tennessee Historical Commission Award
To an outstanding history student
Zackary C. Pruitt

Iphigene Ochs Sulzberger Scholarship
To a deserving student of history
Justin Furrow

Dr. William H. Masterson Memorial Scholarship
To an outstanding student in humanities: history
Ellen A. Davis and Richard Greene

UTC History Department Scholarship
To an outstanding history student
Quentin McNabb

Ruth Clark Perry Memorial Mathematics Award
To outstanding women majoring in mathematics
Xin Li and Natalya A. Yarlikina

Winston Massey Memorial Mathematics Award
To outstanding men majoring in mathematics
Phuoc L. Ho and James P. Spilovoy

John W. Jayne Mathematics Award
To an outstanding student enrolled in sophomore mathematics courses
Metehan Ozkaya

James G. Ware Mathematics Education Award
To the outstanding senior mathematics education major
James F. Beasley

The Freshman Mathematics Award
To an outstanding freshman scoring the highest of all participants on the Freshman Mathematics Test administered in early March
Daniel W. Veal

*Presser Scholar
To an outstanding rising senior music major
Lydie Morneau

*Sharon Gilley Grant Memorial Music Scholarship
To an outstanding music major participating in opera programs
Pamela Watson and Adam Winstead

Mrs. Edmonia J. Simmons Memorial Music Scholarship
To an outstanding music education major
Kobie Manuel

*Robert Cecil Mildram Prize in Philosophy and Religion
To an outstanding student in philosophy and religion
Valorie Brown

*Physics Scholarship Award
For outstanding scholarship in basic physics
Daniel Cheon

*Henry Ransom Award
For superior laboratory work in the physical sciences
Isaac Thomas Bodey

*Hoover-Nofsinger Scholarship
To an outstanding geology student
Jamie Leanne Hamilton

*Frank W. Prescott Outstanding Graduating Senior Award
To outstanding graduating political science students
Shannon Moore and Lisa Vu

*The UTC Political Science Distinguished Alumnus Award
Thomas Clifton Greenholtz

*Ulrey K. Wilson Psychology Award
To the outstanding senior majoring in psychology
Erin Liane Bramlett and Michael Blake Hamrick

*Outstanding Student in Sociology and Anthropology
To an outstanding student in sociology or anthropology
Amy Colleen Graham

*Dr. Jeffrey L. Brown Memorial Scholarship
To an outstanding student in anthropology or an allied field
Corrine L. Vitek

Mr. & Mrs. Charles M. Loftin Scholarship
To an outstanding student in theatre and speech
2003-2004 Recipients: James Campbell and Casey Clark

Deforest Spencer Scholarship
To outstanding students in theatre and speech
2003-2004 Recipients: Rachel Burnett and Jess Kenyon

Valerie Shriver Scholarship
To an outstanding student in theatre
2003-2004 Recipient: Laura Coates

Forrest Cantrell Scholarship
To an outstanding student in theatre
2003-2004 Recipient: Jesse Williams

Theatre Performance Stipends
To outstanding students in theatre
2003-2004 Recipients: Mac Crox, Zech Hook and Anne York

*Authors and Artists Club Scholarship
To students with demonstrated creative talent within the departments of art, English, music and theatre
Art: Elizabeth Tapp
English: Whitney E. Cothran and Meredith A. Jagger
Music: Kristen Wilson
Theatre: James Campbell

SGA Outstanding Seniors
To seniors who have demonstrated outstanding achievement and made significant contributions in their respective majors
B.A. Chemistry—Phillip Scott Gass
B.A. Chemistry, Predentistry—Courtney R. Swafford
B.A. Chemistry, Premedicine—Brett Layne Ferrell
B.A. Communication—Emily C. Bowman
B.A. Economics—Craig D. Durham
B.A. English and American Language and Literature—Melanie Margaret Griffin
B.A. English: Writing—Lindsey Nicole Gosma
B.A. English: Prelaw—Mary Nicole Olds
B.A. Foreign Languages: French—Hannah Rebecca Gamble
B.A. Foreign Languages: Greek/Latin—Melanie Margaret Griffin
B.A. Foreign Languages: Latin—Jason Donald Prevost
B.A. Foreign Languages: Spanish—Kathryn A. MacIvor
B.A. History—Autumn Nicole Dolan
B.A. History: Prelaw—Alton S. Jenno
B.A. Humanities—Lindsey Nicole Gosma
B.A. Humanities: International Studies—Lisa Uyenphuong Vu
B.A. Music—Daniel Allen Varnell
B.A. Philosophy & Religion—Rachel Louise Sullivan
B.A. Philosophy & Religion: Religious Study—Valorie A. Brown
B.A. Psychology—Julia Anne Fielding
B.A. Sociology & Anth.: Anthropology—Rachel M. Dinsmore
B.A. Sociology & Anth.: Sociology—Pixie Lynn Kilgore
B.A. Theatre & Speech—Jessica Rian Kenyon
B.A. Theatre & Speech: Theatre Education—Deanna Marie Davis
B.F.A. Art: Painting & Drawing—Angela Christine Dittmar
B.F.A. Art: Graphic Design—Robert Stacey Palmer
B.F.A. Art: Sculpture—Joy Elaine Tanner
B.M. Music: Instrumental Performance—Christa B. Dingman
B.M. Music: Theory & Composition—Jenelle Lynn Hawkins
B.M. Music: Vocal Performance—Amy E. Forrester
B.M. Music Education: Instrumental—Daniel Justin Barber
B.M. Music Education: Vocal—Ashley Marie Nolan
B.S. Applied Math: Actuarial Science—James P. Spilovoy
B.S. Applied Math: General Math—Xin Li
B.S. Art Education—Jacqueline Elizabeth Maycann
B.S. Biology: Ecology—Justin Welch
B.S. Biology: General—Harrison Bierman Baucom
B.S. Biology: Preprofessional—Katherine E. Van Deusen
B.S. Biology: Organismal—Mary Ellen Barton
B.S. Biology: Molecular—Erin N. Hodges
B.S. Chemistry—Laura Palmiero
B.S. Chemistry: Biochemistry—Carrie J. Stewart
B.S. Chemistry: Biochemistry, Predentistry—Bassam A. Abazid
B.S. Chemistry: Biochemistry, Premedicine—Alicia Renee Allen
B.S. Chemistry, Premedicine—Matthew Vaughn Myers
B.S. Criminal Justice—Joshua S. Stevenson
B.S. Economics—Leigh Anne Thibadoux
B.S. Environmental Science: Biology—William Dennis Starrett
B.S. Environmental Science: Chemistry—Mitchell Grant Underwood
B.S. Environmental Science: Geology—Benjamin Jacob Lundberg
B.S. Environmental Science: Geography—Laura Kathleen O’Dowd
B.S. Geology: Geology—Jeff Jarrett
B.S. Human Services Management—Katherine E. Skonberg
B.S. Human Services Management: Emerg. Sys. Mgt.—James Robert Randle
B.S. Legal Assistant Studies—Rachel Lauren Barr
B.S. Music Education: Instrumental—Heather H. Chance
B.S. Psychology—Erin Liane Bramlett
B.S. Political Science: American Studies—Dylan M. Tuggle
B.S. Political Science: Comparative/International Studies—Lisa Uyehphuong Vu
B.S. Political Science: Legal Studies—Justin Lewis Furrow
B.S. Political Science: Public Administration—Brandi Danielle Becker
B.S. Sociology & Anthropology: Anthropology—Michael Blake Hamrick
B.S. Sociology & Anthropology: Sociology—Amy Colleen Graham

New members inducted since last Honors Day

Beta Beta Beta – Biology Honor Society
Maya Maria Belka, Carrie Ann Bishop, Jessica Elizabeth Bolen, David
Robert Bond, Lesley Bowington, Kayce Branson, James Carter Brinson,
Stephanie Dyan Carver, Laurie Ruth Coe, Regena Marie Conner, Chara
D’Ann Davis, Melissa Leann Davis, Lindsay Erin Dill, Artangela
Demetria Dotson, Leah Christine Fryar, Whitney Paige Fulwiler, Randi
Lee Gant, Christopher W. Hayes, Taryn Elizabeth Hickman, Leslie Lyn
Holder, Samantha Coleen Huskey, Amanda Nicole Jacobs, Desiree
Deeanna Kinard, Cristy Diane Lane, Victoria Michelle Lawrence,
Rachael Jihan Lebovitz, Kristine Lynn Lezatte, Stephanie Nichole
Logan, Jessica Michael Lomax, Jennifer Michelle Lomax, Pamela
Rachel Malinowski, Harry Ford Mauney, Ashlye Nicole McCarter,
Almas Soyal Momin, Christine Maria Muegge, Naroth Nop, Stephen
Earl Pacifico, Meghan Elizabeth Patterson, John Charles Pinnix, Alan
S. Robertson, Chaundra P. Sanders, Jessica Leighanne Scott, Melissa
Joy Smith-Vaughn, William Dennis Starrett, Alicia Leigh Tallant,
Denise Renee Tate, Mitchell Grant Underwood, Brian Julienne Yates
Associate Members: James Robert Bodkin, Erica Collins, Stephen
Andrew Evans, Vania Fider, Yvonne Gail Fine, Kristina French,
Quinetta Johnson, Sheena Elizabeth Kelly, David Scott Percy, Linda
Hao-Hoang Tran, Amber Michelle Williams, Robin Lynn Wolfe

Pi Delta Phi – French Honor Society
Hannah Rebecca Gamble, Kuntima Nemafuta, Angela Baranske Tuttle

Phi Alpha Theta – History Honor Society
Matthew S. Bailey, Stefanie L. Holmes, James Andrew Holtzclaw,
Robin Krystle Love, Zackary Pruitt, Robert D. Richardson, Ashley
Brooke Shankles, Dusty Katherine Snoke, Elizabeth Thompson

Psi Chi - Psychology Honor Society
Melynda Bowman, Melissa Brassel, Chantay Golson, Sylvia Gray,
Lavida Harold, Rachel Hiatt, Traci Lamb, Nevelin Noblit, Katie
Pfeiffer, Gina Stiles, Christy Vinson

Alpha Kappa Delta – Sociology Honor Society
Jennifer Apps, Reginald Collins, Christopher Scott Dyer, Joan
McNew Flores, Annette Marie Jackson, Tanika Michelle Johnson,
Cassandra Daniele Schmitz, Demetra La’neal Ware, Patrick
Anthony Webster, Brandi Rose Woodward

Sigma Delta Pi – Spanish Honor Society

Shannon Atkins, Emily Beene, Nataliya Clark, Robert Cornwell,
Werner Nowak, Ashley Persons, Jessica Schneider, Joshua Smith,
James Stanko, Marianne Walker


*Joseph G. Bieter Accounting Study Scholarship
To an outstanding accounting student
Derek Bryan Daniel

*Joseph Decosimo Accounting Excellence Scholarship
To an outstanding accounting student
James W. Alexander

*Marvin Anthony Scholarships
To an outstanding student in business administration
Pamela Anne Small

SGA Outstanding Seniors
To seniors who have demonstrated outstanding achievement and made significant contributions in their respective majors
B.S. Business Administration: Accounting—Elizabeth Marie Luckey
B.S. Business Administration: Entrepreneurship—Jon Bowen Cable
B.S. Business Administration: Finance—Catherine Elizabeth Sharp
B.S. Business Administration: General Management—Mark Edward Jolley
B.S. Business Administration: Human Resources Management— Mark Edward Jolley
B.S. Business Administration: Industrial Management—Linda Stacks Trundle
B.S. Business Administration: Marketing—Pamela R. McAllister


Alpha Mu Alpha — Marketing Honor Society
Mekesha Lynette Bonds, Charles Nicholas Brock, Ashley E.
Buckels, Joseph Maris Connor, Jordan Elizabeth Davis, Katie E.
Davis, Leah Renee Dennis, Emily F. Draper, Don F. Friddell,
Jessica Denise Greene, Amy Susan Griffith, James E. Griffith,
Amanda Jane Hall, Briana E. Hart, Ryan M. Hayes, Amy L.
Hudson, Justin Paul Lacy, Richard Timothy Ledford, Pamela R.
McAllister, Gina Marie McCommon, Tara Nicole Milliken, Aaron
Wade Murdock, Christopher C. Niblock, Melissa Renae Northey,
Jason Roland Ontog, Nathan Samuel Phillips, Brendon Wesley
Pope, Melissa L. Rega, Nathan Edward Rhatigan, Jeri Isabel
Roundy, Jeffrey Robert Rummer, Gwendolyn D. Rudder, Amy E.
Shuff, Jessica Renee' Smith, Karl C. Velez Wampl

Beta Alpha Psi—Accounting Honor Society
Sharon Atwell, Jeremy Ballard, Glenda Bedenbaugh, Laura Bock,
Jamie Caskey, Laura Ch’ien, David Cofer, Jason Cookston, Derek
Daniel, Jonathan Frost, Shonda Hammond, Jeff Hawkins, Tacarra
Hodges, T.J. Howe, David Jensen, Lauren Kueck, Michelle
Langley, Steven Lee, Elizabeth Luckey, Rusty Lynch, Lauren
Obermark, Stephanie O’Daniel, Carrie Anne Ozment, Virginia
Patton, Amy Pope, Morgen Rose, Jeff Ross, Jamie Runyan, Cam
Russe, Jesse Taylor, Destin Toop, Katrina Turner, Johanna Watson,
Trey White, Holly Wormsley

Beta Gamma Sigma—Business Administration Honor Society
Graduate Students Invited to Join: Jeffrey Brownfield, Daniel Coe,
Kathryn Copeland, Heather Diebold, Angela Easterby, Mark Engle,
Carrie Goldman, Christine Helm, William Henry, Christopher
Hopkins, Jennifer Jones, Todd Liskey, Alex Macgregor, Kevin
Martin, Oleg Matsko, Katherine Maughon, Penny Murray, Phillip
Perry, Jonathan Rolen, John Shamblin, Heather Shannon, Prabhat
Tekriwal, Stephen Warren, Michael Young
Undergraduate Students Invited to Join: Laura Adkins, Amanda
Beck, Sheila Brooks, Janet Brown, Cydney Brown, Ashley Buckels,
Jennifer Burnette, Wendy Campbell, Janice Casteel, Paul
Castronova, Amy Cowden, Ellen Crockett, Derek Daniel, Jordan
Davis, Meredith Duke, Kellie Galliano, Jessica Greene, Jon
Haggard, Amanda Hall, Shonda Hammond, Dennika Hanlon,
Tacarra Hodges, Jeremy Jenkins, David Jensen, Mark Jolley, Amy
Joy, Sarah King, Leslie Kreeger, Dhiren Kshatri, Robert Mahoney,
Pamela McAllister, Justin McCall, Beverley Meadows, Tara
Milliken, Lexie Morrow, Elizabeth O’Grady, Brendon Pope, Glenna
Pritchett, Anthony Ray, Nathan Rhatigan, Julie Scoggins, Catherine
Sharp, Curt Stewart, Jesse Taylor, Linda Trundle, Rachael
Vanderpool, Eric Varnell

Sigma Iota Epsilon—Management Honor Society
Crystal LeAnn Aviles, Gediminas Banevicius, Sarah E. Broome,
Gerald Ray Bryant Jr., Wendy M. Campbell, Andrew M. Carter,
Mark A. Cordell, Jai E. Greer, Thomas J. Howe, William L.
Hudson, Kellie M. Iskander, Mark E. Jolley, Dymetrice Danielle
Martin, Dorie Christine Mayfield, Anelia F. Miller, Rita G. Nahay,
Clomeisha E. Robinson, Teresa Settles, Peter Park Song, Danielle
Frances Stevenson, Raymon M. Taylor, Jesse E. Trundle, David L.
Wallace, Charla J. Webster


*Executive Women International J. Bradford Scholar
Presented by the Center for Community Career Education
Kimberly A. Green-Lockett, Seteria Lewis and Dawn A. Moore

*John R. and Becky R. Dethero Scholarship
Presented by the Center for Community Career Education
Lisa Randles

Volunteer Service Award
Presented by the Center for Community Career Education
Margha Davis and 2003-04 Education 201 Students

*Mario and Grace Charles Foundation Scholarship
To outstanding students in education
Anne Roth, Jessica Ivy Clark and Jana Jones

Bernard Benson Memorial Scholarship
To an outstanding middle or secondary science education major
Jana Jones

*Seryl Berger Memorial Scholarship
To an outstanding student in special education
Stephanie R. Royer and Anne E. Roth

*Gillie Queener Carter Memorial Scholarship
To an outstanding student in special education
Mary Elizabeth Finke

Carol Smith Sanders Memorial Scholarship
To an outstanding student in special education
Michael Bolen and Mark Dickinson

Miller/Schwarz Scholarship
To an outstanding student in special education
Julie Henderson

*Exercise Science, Health and Leisure Studies Award
To the outstanding seniors in exercise science, health or leisure studies
Lora Irene Causey and Clarissa Sue Immel

*William E. Paschal Scholarship
To an outstanding rising junior majoring in exercise science, health or leisure studies
Thomas A. Marino

*Georgia Bell Scholarship
To an outstanding human ecology major in child and family services
Rebecca Lauren Shepard

*Ramey Scholarship
To an outstanding human ecology major in Pre K-4
Jennifer Cannon

*Mary Jo Cochran Scholarship
To an outstanding human ecology major in food and nutrition
Danielle Fulghum

*Michelle Pearce Memorial Scholarship
To an outstanding interior design major
Amy Bryant

*Mary B. Jackson Award
To an outstanding senior nursing student
Sarah Poole

*Dr. E. E. Reisman Jr. Memorial Scholarship
To outstanding nursing students
Whitney Fulwiler and Leah Goodson

*H. Clay Evans Johnson Nursing Student Award
To an outstanding nursing student for academic achievement, clinical excellence and/or community service
Heather Collins-Montgomery

*Christine B. Little Scholarship
To outstanding nursing students
Heather Geiger and Andrea Pulliam

*Jill Wheeler Memorial Nursing Scholarship
To an outstanding senior nursing student
Melissa Derbyshire

Chattanooga Hamilton County Medical Auxiliary Scholarship
To outstanding nursing students
Blake McAbee, Amanda Porter, Alisha Weathers and Hannah Wolfkill

*Lakeisha Lennox Award
To an outstanding nursing student
Fall 2003: Juandria Crutcher

*Amy S. Mildram Pediatric Physical Therapy Scholarship Award
To outstanding senior students in physical therapy who have shown a strong interest in the field of pediatric physical therapy, and have demonstrated that interest in outstanding classroom and clinical performance
Amanda Brooks-Stelzman and Lindsey Clark-Sharpe

*Social Work Faculty Outstanding Senior Award
To an outstanding senior in recognition of academic excellence and professional potential to the outstanding senior
Suzanne Vayda

*Social Work Outstanding Field Supervisor Award
To an outstanding field supervisor in recognition of professional service to the social work profession
Jan Clark

SGA Outstanding Seniors
To seniors who have demonstrated outstanding achievement and made significant contributions in their respective majors
B.S. EHLS: Cardiopulmonary Rehab—Joseph J. Przybylowicz
B.S. EHLS: Community Health—Scott John Niznik
B.S. EHLS: Exercise Science K-12—Kara Crisp Scott
B.S. EHLS: Health & Exer. Sci. Ped.—Gabriel Brian Brooks
B.S. EHLS: Fitness/Wellness Specialist—Clarissa Sue Immel
B.S. EHLS: Leisure Studies—Lora Irene Causey
B.S. EHLS: Sports Administration—Elsa S. VonPeters
B.S. Exceptional Learning: K-12—Kilah Alexis Wright
B.S. Human Ecology: Child/Family Studies—Lisa Linebarger Stewart
B.S. Human Ecology: Child/Family Studies (PK-4)—Jessie Cheyenne Petty
B.S. Human Ecology: Foods/Nutrition—James Stefan Przybylowicz
B.S. Human Ecology: Interior Design—Jessica Rae Volrath
B.S. Middle Grades Education—Nathan R. Cook
B.S. Middle Grades Education: Natural Sciences—Roseann C. Zies Briere
B.S. Rehabilitation Science—Bonnie Katherine Pack
B.S. Secondary English—Melissa A. Singleton
B.S. Secondary Foreign Language: Spanish—Alicia Rae Hannah
B.S. Secondary Mathematics—Laura Kay Poff
B.S. Secondary Natural Science: Biology—Diana Mason Bivens
B.S. Secondary Natural Science: Chemistry—Megan A. Morgan
B.S. Secondary Social Sciences: History—Derek Ross Harvey
B.S.N. Nursing—Stephanie Nichole Logan
B.S.N. RN to BSN—Raylene Dawn Hickson
B.S.O.T. Occupational Therapy—Jessica Dye
B.S.W. Social Work—Kathleen A. Sullivan


Kappa Omicron Nu—Human Ecology Honor Society
Anna Allison, Comelia Berry, Sarah M. Bryant, Cynthia Marie
Campbell, Jennifer Lynne Cannon, Jessica Ivy Clark, Kerri
McConnell Collins, Angela Nicole Cooper, Jessica N. Dillard,
Casey Raine Dunn, Lee Anne Frazier, Mariah Nicole Haun,
Tersheia Mary Hayes, Laura Margaret Henry, Colleen Stacy
Jenkins, Jessica L. Johnson, Mary Beth Kilgore, Lindsey Paige
Lawson, Amy Rebecca Malone, Emily Ann Martin, Kayla Sloane
Matlock, Trisha G. Matthews, Crystal Milliken, Amanda Diane
Morgan, Rachel Palmiero, April Leigh Paris, Jessie Cheyenne
Petty, Cecille Jane Phillips, Courtney M. Pimentel, Shirley Ann
Pitre, Rosalyn Ruffin Talley, Megan Lee Rymer, Lauren Sartin,
Julee Ann Schwieger, Rebecca L. Shepard, Kelli Nicole
Shropshire, Elizabeth Ann Smith, Carli Denise Snyder, Amy
Elanne Stanford, Lauren Elizabeth Turner, Amber Rebekah
Watkins, Taja Michele Welch, Tiffany M. Willmore

Sigma Theta Tau—Nursing Honor Society
Jessica Bolen, Laura Baldwin, Judy Berube, Laura Cooper,
Nichole Giles, Jenny Gram, Kelly Swain Grizzle, Laurel Hayden,
Chris Hester, Ralene Hixson, Samantha Huskey, Dustin Ivey,
Evridiki Kaba, Nancy Kazanas, Erin Lepley, Sandra Lowery,
Almas Momin, Judy Norton, Amy Patten, Gregory Phillips,
Rhonda Poulson, Jason Ramsey, Chad Schoenmann, Denise Tate,
Marie Thomas, Cynthia Vandergriff, Stacey Vineyard


*M. Rex Jones Memorial Award
To the outstanding junior or senior majoring in computer science
John Kilby

*B.C. “Chic” Day Award
To the outstanding freshman or sophomore computer science student
Alma Cemerlic

*Laverne Thompson Memorial Award
To an outstanding female computer science student
Sharon Moses

*Paul W. Curtis Jr. Memorial Award
To the outstanding engineering student graduating in May
Benjamin Marshall Berry

*Ryan Brackett Award
To an outstanding engineering student in the freshman class
Stephanie Irene Wilson

*Kinser Memorial Award
To the outstanding industrial engineering student
David Wiley “Willie” Shannon

*Mario and Grace Charles Foundation Scholarship
To outstanding engineering students
Justin Porter and Josh Kirkpatrick

SGA Outstanding Seniors
To seniors who have demonstrated outstanding achievement and made
significant contributions in their respective majors

B.S. Computer Science: Computer Engineering—Jordan Charles Henry
B.S. Computer Science: Information Systems—Xin Li
B.S. Computer Science: Scientific Applications—John W. Redmon
B.S. Computer Science: Systems Architecture—Jimmy Lee Dotson
B.S. Industrial Technology Management—Heath Michael Moore
B.S.E. Engineering: Chemical—Phuong Tuyet Mai
B.S.E. Engineering: Civil—Benjamin Marshall Berry
B.S.E. Engineering: Electrical—David Paul Welch
B.S.E. Engineering: Industrial—Robert Michael Hutcherson
B.S.E. Engineering: Mechanical—Christopher Lee Martin

HONOR SOCIETIESLists of new members inducted since last Honors Day Program

Upsilon Pi Epsilon—Computer Science Honor Society
Michael Buendia, Thomas Dempsey II, Jordan Henry, Matt Kubilus,
Jami Lowery, Chang Phuong, Xinyu Wang
Faculty: Dr. Andy Novobilski


*The Carolyn Johnson Memorial Scholarship
To an outstanding adult student
Melissa Krosnick

*Adult Scholars Scholarship
To an outstanding adult student
Jeannie K. Cummings

*Adult Scholars Program Outstanding Service Award
To a member of the UTC faculty or administration who has shown outstanding service to adult students
Professor David W. Lee

*Alpha Delta Pi Alumna Award
To an outstanding senior woman
Alicia Allen

*Alpha Lambda Delta Maria Leonard Award
To the graduating member with the highest academic average
Lindsey Nicole Gosma and Leslie Danielle Miller

*Alumni Achievement Award
To a graduating senior chosen by the faculty for highest achievement
Alicia Allen

*Chapin-Thomas Law School Awards
To two outstanding seniors who have been accepted to and will attend the University of Cincinnati School of Law
John Simon Campbell-Orde, Martin Nelson

*UTNAA Outstanding Teacher Award

To outstanding faculty members for excellence in teaching
Prof. Matthew Greenwell and Dr. Christopher Stuart

*Chi Omega Social Science Award
To a senior woman in one of the social sciences with the highest grade point average
Erin Liane Bramlett

*Littleton Mason Scholarship
To outstanding rising juniors
Mario D. Brooks and Danianese J. Woods

*Dayle May Award
To the senior varsity female athlete with the highest academic average
Cynthia Oulevay, tennis
To the senior varsity male athlete with the highest academic average
Zachary Dragoo, basketball

*Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Award
To the varsity athletic team with the highest academic average
Women’s Cross Country

Black Student Association Awards
For academic excellence to the upperclass member with the highest cumulative grade point average
Ebony Smith
For academic excellence to the underclass member with the highest cumulative grade point average
To be announced
For outstanding achievement to the upperclass member who has made a significant contribution for the betterment of the organization
Zakiya Blake
For outstanding achievement to the underclass member who has made a significant contribution for the betterment of the organization
Robert Rooks, Jr.

Fraternity Scholarship Award
To the fraternity with the highest academic average
Kappa Sigma

IFC Fraternity Scholarship Improvement Award
Comparison of the year-to-year academic average
Phi Beta Sigma

IFC New Member Scholarship Award
To the fraternity with the highest new member class academic average in the fall semester
Kappa Sigma

Sorority Scholarship Award
To the sorority with the highest academic average
Chi Omega

Chattanooga City Panhellenic Award
To the sorority initiating the highest percentage of new members
Chi Omega

Sigma Chi Dorothy Woodworth Award
To the outstanding junior woman
Blair Miller

David M. Brammer Memorial Scholarship
To an outstanding active Sigma Chi
Adam Jones

The Moccasin Award
To the outstanding junior man
James Armour


Adult Scholars
To undergraduate students 25 years of age or older who have completed a minimum of 24 hours (at least 12 of those at UTC) and who have a GPA of 3.2 or above
Carey Juanico Ball, Trevor Wayne Baltimore, Cheri Boyd, Debra
Ayers Braley, Sally L. Brown, Cynthia M. Campbell, John Thomas
Colbaugh, Jody Conn, Holly Cowart, Jeannie Cummings, Elizabeth L.
Davitt, Kristie D. Ferriss, Joan McNew Flores, David Carlton Fluegel,
Shonda K. Hammond, Julie A. Henderson, Bethany Jayne Horton,
Sandra J. Boles Houston, Cynthia L. Huth, Wanda Knowles, Rebecca
Denise Koontz, Melissa Krosnick, Russell Leutz, Rovert D. Maedgen
III, Victoria McCoy Mason, Nickie McReynolds, Cheryl Y.
Montgomery, Rita Grant Nahay, Jaymeca M. O’Neal, Shelly R. Parrott,
Tecia L. Payton, Shirley Ann Pitre, Cynthia Robinson, Sharon Kay
Shadrick, Alecia E. Shelton, Heather Shimel, Charles R. Sisson Jr.,
Laura H. Smith, Melissa Joy Smith-Vaughn, Barbara E. Tankesley,
Salli Thompson-Tomlinson, Christopher Carter Todd Jr., Tina Lynn
Torrance, Sharen M. Wade, Justin L. Whitt

Alpha Lambda Delta/Phi Eta Sigma Senior Certificates
To members who have reached senior status and have maintained a 3.5 or above
Matthew Allen, Leslie Bowington, Rachel Barr, Courtney Britton,
Sheila Brooks, Tara Camp, Paul Castronova, Laura Cooper,
Juli Downum, Jessica Dye, Lee Gaddis, Lindsey Nicole Gosma, David
Grass, Amanda Hall, Robert Kuban, Courtney Lewis, Xin Li, Ashley
Locke, Phuong Mai, Justin McCall, Leslie Danielle Miller, Lindsay
Shannon Moore, Laura O’Dowd, Bonnie Pack, Brandon Pogue,
Jonathan Prater, Meghan Reed, Julie Scoggins, Melissa Shelton, Amy
Shuff, Leigh Ann Thibadoux, Nanci Vessels, Jessica Volrath, Lisa Vu,
Rosemarie Walsh, Tiffany Willmore, Lesley Woods

Golden Key National Honor Society
To outstanding juniors and seniors with a cumulative GPA of 3.3 or above
Bassam A. Abazid, Ada Awuor Abungu, Courtney Brooke Allen,
Matthew C. Allen, Anna M. Allison, Matthew Thomas Arbuckle,
Leslie Marie Barron, Derek Andrew Beaty, Brandi Danielle Becker,
Rob S. Bettis, Sha-Londe Elizabeth Bilbrey, Kristi R. Bird, Amanda
Alison Black, David Spencer Blackburn, Isaac Benjamin Blevins,
Sangela M. Blue, Katherine King Boaz, Ralph Edward Bodkin, Paul
D. Boerema, Jessica Elizabeth Bolen, Lesley Michelle Bowington,
Mandee Denise Brager, Sheila Patterson Brooks, Gabriel Brian
Brooks, Sally Leigh Brown, Erin Nicole Brown, Amy Beth Bryant,
Ashley Elizabeth Buckels, Brandon Kyle Bugg, Tammi Lynn Burns,
Benjamin L. Buttram, Wendy Michelle Campbell, Karen Teal Carboni,
LaToya M. Carpenter, Julie Anna Carson, David Lowell Chilton, Sean
C. Claar, Jessica Leigh Clement, David Edward Cofer, Reginald
Dewayne Collins-Cooper, Chessia Allyn Cox, Ellen Richardson
Crockett, Chad William Curtis, Areta Gail Davis, Chastity Dawn Ward
Davis, Ellen Asenath Davis, Jordan Elizabeth Davis, Elizabeth Ann
Dietrich, Ryan Vincent DiGiorgi, Meredith Lindsay Duke, Casey
Raine Dunn, Jenney Lundin Dziedzic, Miranda Gail Eaton, Katherine
Teresa Farrar, Ashley Lynn Farrar', Jeannie Fisher, Dustin L Fraley,
Sarah Lorraine Frassrand, Nathan Raymond Frick, Jonathan David
Frost, Leah Christine Fryar, Whitney P. Fulwiler, Justin Lewis Furrow,
Lee Russell Gaddis, Randi Lee Gant, Mestisa Catheryne Gass, Jennifer
Leigh Gibert, Daryl Lee Gibson, Colby Shannon Glidewell, Melanie
M. Griffin, Laura Lee Riley Hale, Shameka L. Hall, Shonda Kasior
Hammond, Chris F. Harrington, LaVida A. Harrold, Briana Elizabeth
Hart, Virginia Anne Harwell, Matthew Terrell Havron, Tersheia Mary-
Elise Hayes, Andrew K. Hill, Leslie Lyn Holder, Kimberly Lomboy
Holte, Milea Nicole Hooper, Jessica Michelle Hunt, Michael Brian
Hutcherson, Clarissa Sue Immel, Vanessa Elizabeth Janeksela,
Colleen Stacy Jenkins, Nneka Takiyah Johnson, Tiffany Monique
Jones, Erin Lindsey Kimbrough, Joshua L. Kirkpatrick, Paul Kelly
Klintworth, Robin Marie Koch, Nathanael Kent Kokes, Olga
Victorovna Kostenko, Kari Michele Krouse, Traci Renea Lamb,
Michelle Lynn Langley, Andria Lynn Lauria, Lindsey Paige Lawson,
Minh-Hieu Thi Le, Rachael J. Lebovitz, Elizabeth Erin Lepley,
Amanda Nicole LeRoy, Courtney Nicole Lewis, Kristine Lynn
Lezatte, Ashley Mindelle Locke, Tiffany Lea Lockhart, Robert Brent
Mahoney, Lindsay N. Manning, Megan Laura Marek, Leslie Rene
Mashburn, Ashlee Rebecca Matthews, Amanda Marie Mayton, Ashlye
N. McCarter, Pamela Nichole McGill, Missy Junette McNabb, Sarah
Lee Anne McNeal, Joan Kimberly McNew, Carolyn Maude Milburn,
Sarah Elizabeth Miller, Kristi Ann Miller, Almas Soyal Momin, Theresa
H. Moore, Dylan Stephen Troy Morse, William Eric Mountain, Aaron
Wade Murdock, Darshan Dilipkumar Naik, Carrie E. Nelson, Jennifer
Ryan Newberg, Jason C. Nicely, Eva Lorraine Nielsen, Samantha J
Niemeyer, Lori Brandon Nix, Katie Lynn O'Bryan, Mary Nicole Olds,
Jaymeca Michelle ONeal, Emily Suzanne Owen, Metehan Ozkaya,
Stephen Earl Pacifico, Rachel Leanne Palmiero, Elysia Beth Parham,
Brandi Nikell Parker, Suzanne Marie Parks, Elizabeth Lou Carlton Parks,
Katankumar Natvarbhai Patel, Jennifer Nicole Pavetto, Carmen M. Perez,
Ashley Faith Phillips, Cecille Jane Phillips, Katie Elaine Phillips, Karen
Lee Polk, Brendon Wesley Pope, Nicholas L. Poppe, Merri Pagie Potter,
Kayla Marie Powers, Brent Logan Price, Zackary Cleveland Pruitt,
Angelique Diane Ramnarine, Rebecca Susan Ramsay, Oscar Lane Rankin,
Melissa E. Rawlston, Nathan Edward Rhatigan, Travis Michael Richards,
Melanie Louise Richardson, J. Tyler Robertson, Jeff Edward Ross,
Demetria A. Ruffin, Diva R Rutledge, Brett A. Sadler, Nicole Louise
Arielle Sampier, Stephanie Keyt Sansom, Sonja Kay Sartin, Jessica Leah
Schneider, Chelsea Jo Sebenick, Shamya Lyntrell Sermons, Benjamin
Buford Shaw, Melissa Elaine Shelton, Amy Cheri Shinpaugh, Crystal
Lynn Shotwell, Jessica B. Simon, Cynethia Evette Sims, Charles Ray
Sisson, Elizabeth Ann Smith, Melissa Joy Smith-Vaughn, Dusty Katherine
Snoke, Carli Denise Snyder, Suvathana So, Wayne Richard Stearns,
Rachel Cathleen Stewart, Gina Nickole Stiles, Dixie Kay Sutton, Kristal
R. Swafford, Alicia Leigh Tallant, Sarah J. Tamasy, Sandy L. Taylor,
Leigh Ann Thibadoux, Matthew Lee Thurman, Katherine Mary Tolbert,
Miller M. Toon, Destin William Toop, Ryan Mitchell Townsend, Jesse
Edward Trundle, Dylan Michelle Tuggle, Archie Dustin Valentour,
Candice Suzanne Varnell, Suzanne M. Vayda, Janie Lynn Villers, Daniel
Lee Wade, Holly Renee Walraven, Haley Ann Walters, Mary Allison
Ware, Taja Michele Welch, Diane D. Welch, David Paul Welch, Tiffany
Anne Welch, Daniel Lee Wilder, Tabatha Dallas Williams, Virginia L.
Wilson, Theresa Cathleen Wilson, Kaycee L. Wolf, Michael A. Wolff,
Brandi Rose Woodard, Lisa Michelle Worthen, Joanne Buckner Wynne,
Rebecca M. York, Matthew C. Zoerb

Mortar Board Honor Society
To senior men and women who have a minimum grade point average of 3.0
and who have demonstrated outstanding ability in leadership, scholarship and
service to the University

Matthew C. Allen, Rob Bettis, Carrie A. Bishop, Katherine K. Boaz,
Lauren V. Bryan, Wendy M. Campbell, David L. Chilton, Ajitkumar M.
Chittambalam, Kerri M. Collins, Mary E. Dean, Whitney P. Fulwiler, John
S. Gamble IV, Randi L. Gant, Colby S. Glidewell, Melanie Griffin,
Christopher F. Harrington, Thomas J. Howe, Sheena E. Kelly,
Shaquana L. Kennedy, Kristine L. Lezatte, Sandra G. Longmire, Kayla
Lowery, Megan E. McDonough, Sarah McNeal, Patricia B. Miller, Carrie
A. Ozment, Rachel L. Palmiero, Jennifer Pavetto, Ashley B. Pierce,
Nicholas L. Poppe, Rebecca S. Ramsay, Melissa E. Rawlston, Thomas C.
Russe, William D. Starrett, Jesse E. Trundle, Kathy K. Voccio, Kaycee L.

University Honors Program
Fall 2003 Freshman Class: Casey J. Anderson, Bethany Michelle
Andrews, Clarisa L. Barnes, Kathryn M. Broderick, Timothy R. Brooks,
Laura J. Cecere, Eric Matthew Cohen, Zachary A. Cross, Nathan Edward
Dalton, Emily Denton, Sarah M. Doyle, Gabrielle L. Estill, Dorothy
Michelle Faust, Nicholas Ryan Fiacco, Derek A. Gosma, Vanessa L.
Hammond, Jennifer C. Jackson, Shelby A. Kain, Benjamin R. Kennedy,
Leonid V. Kim, Kimberly R. Mathis, Dusty Michelle Murphy, Ashlea N.
Parker, Charles A. Phillips, Brent C. Presley, Matthew Flinn Pullen,
Ashley Colleen Rousselle, Nolan Michael Rumble, Steven D. Rummer,
Taren B. Spence, Jonathon P. Taylor, Stefani N. Thomas, Sarah E.
Thompson, Dane J. Uhelski, Renee Evenden Valentine, Randall W. Van
Dolson, Ryan D. Van Dolson, Daniel W. Veal, Clark W. Williams, Alison
M. Williams, Stuart S. Winkler

Who’s Who at UTC
To outstanding upperclass students nominated by faculty and staff
Ada Abungu, Melanie Ammons, Jessica Andrews, Emily Behringer,
Elizabeth Bell, Stuart Belva, Suzanne Bidek, Shalonde Bilbery, Sidney
Blaylock Jr., Jacqueline Boals, Bradley Bond, Stephen Brasher, Nancy
Brown, Lora Causey, David Chilton, Ajitkumar Chittambalam, Jessica
Clark, Connie Cloud, Whitney Cothran, Heather Craig, Jessica
Crownover, Hannah Demaree, Jane Dickerson, Oladokun Faduyile,
Ashley Farrar, Benjamin Fisher, James Franklin, Raynix Freeman,
Kathryn Fuller, Whitney Fulwiler, Lienlalthang Gangte, Randi Gant,
Sylvia Gray, Leigh Hamilton, Bethany Hampton, Harvey Garrett, Gregory
Helton, Latoria Hess, Ellyn Hill, Mary Hilliard, Hailey Hinds, Phuoc Ho,
Justin Holland, Sandra Houston, Gregory Howard, Kate Huser, Adam
Izell, John Jones, Tiffany Jones, Rajan Ksharti, Kayla Lowery, Elizabeth
Luckey, Ben Lundberg, Lynne Macias, Kathryn MacIvor, Pamela
Malinowski, Maria Martinez, Jacqueline Maycann, Justin McCall, Ashlye
McCarter, Robyn McDaniel, Mary McNeill-Olds, Patricia Miller, Amanda
Moore, Jeremy Morris, Scott Niznik, Joseph Owino, Lesley Pierce, Billy
Popas, Kayla Powers, Jonathan Prater, Laura Prestone, Jason Prevost,
Chanda Price, Timothy Reynolds, Kevin Sanders, Kara Scott, Tonya
Shaneyfelt, Ashley Shankles, Benjamin Smith, Amanda Stelzman,
Jeannette Swant, Joelle Tchoua, Mary Teagur, Abbie Tilley, Stephanie
Todd, Dylan Tuggle, Mary Varnell, Elsa Vonpeters, Lisa Vu, Chevales
Ward, Vilara Woodard, Kilah Wright, Laura Wright