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Lupton Renaissance Fund Update

Don't Miss the e-Train @ UTC!

To provide better service to our students beginning fall 2003, the University will use email for essential communication regarding registration, grades, student schedules and student accounts sent to the students’ UTC OneNet email address.

“This is an effort to increase student services. We will be reducing the amount of mailed correspondence and begin to lean heavily on email as an official means of communication with students,” said Chuck Cantrell, Assistant Vice Chancellor of UTC University Relations.

Students must now check their UTC account regularly. To access the account, students can use their UTC ID and password, following these steps:

Step 1:
Go to
Step 2:
Under “Login,” enter the UTC ID and password.
Step 3:
That’s it! Time to check email, schedules and more

Students can forward their UTC email to another address, but it is the responsibility of the student to forward the UTC email account to the desired account. UTC will only send email communication to UTC addresses. For more information about setting a forwarding address, log in to OneNet and click on Help.

Call the UTC Help Desk, (423)425-4000, for assistance with a student UTC ID or password.