The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Alex Keeble, Scott Abernathy, Christopher Bullock

Sarah Cox and Joshua Gowan


Young students consider the future at UTC

Engineering and art faculty recently hosted a group of Dalton, Georgia, students from Dug Gap Elementary School to learn about their college and career choices at UTC.

“The purpose for our visit to UTC was to expose these bright, high-achieving, fourth and fifth grade students to an initial understanding of the world of academia, college classes, and possible career choices,” according to Catherine Lynch, elementary resource teacher for intellectually gifted students at the school.  “Our visit to UTC was a wonderful experience for our gifted students. We were definitely 'wowed'”

Dr. Rick Keyser of engineering explored the students’ interests, encouraging questions and comments. 

Keyser introduced the students to the top 20 greatest engineering achievements of the twentieth century, as identifyed by Neil Armstrong. During a speech to the National Press Club in February 2000, Armstrong outlined the following as the top achievements:

20. High performance materials
19. Nuclear technologies
18. Laser and fiber optics
17. Petroleum and gas technologies
16. Health technologies (artificial organs, etc.)
15. Household appliances
14. Imaging technologies
13. Internet
12. Space exploration
11. Interstate highways
10. Air conditioning and refrigeration
9. Telephone
8. Computers
7. Agricultural Mechanization
6. Radio and television
5. Electronics
4. Safe and abundant water

Keyser stopped the presentation here, and challened the students to guess the most important:

3. The airplane
2. Automobile
1. Electrification

Following the presentation and tour of the Engineering, Math, and Computer Science Building, the students also took a tour of the Art Department. 

“As a result of this experience, these Dug Gap Elementary gifted students left UTC with increased awareness and excitement regarding their future academic and professional goals and dreams,” Lynch said.