EDGE Celebrates Earth Day

Over 20 environmental groups participated in an Earth Day celebration on the Lupton Library portico, an observance hosted by the student group Ecological Decisions for a Global Environment (EDGE).

Dr. David Aborn and Dr. Dawn Ford, biological and environmental sciences, who serve as faculty advisors to the group say this is their biggest event of the academic year. EDGE has also brought speakers to campus, according to Ford.

"Our speakers have discussed recycling and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. We also have student volunteers involved in trail building on Sunset Rock and the Cumberland Trail. They also help with the River Rescue, picking up trash along the shoreline of the Tennessee River," Ford said.

A major campus campaign for EDGE is to establish a recycling program for on-campus housing, Ford added.

EDGE wants you to know the facts about Americans and our environment:

  • The average American will throw away 600 times his or her adult weight in garbage
  • Cow manure is generating power for 200,000 homes in California
  • Americans throw out 2 billion disposable razors each year
  • Remembering to rinse your soda and plastic items before you toss them into a recycling bin will ensure the items can be used in the recycling program
  • We cut down 2 million trees daily

What does biodegradable really mean?

Material/Break down time
Paper / 1- 3 months
Wool Sock / 1 year
Tin Can / 100 years
Aluminum Can / 200-500 years
Plastic 6-pack cover / 450 years

If you would like more information about EDGE, please email Dr. Dawn Ford or Dr. David Aborn