Development House to be Restored
by Rebekah Bonney, University Relations Intern

Renovation has begun on the 95-year-old building housing UTC Development, where the mortar in the brick walls will be replaced and the windows and doors will be painted.

“Hopefully the repairs will add a few more years of life to the building.” Janet Spraker, Director of Engineering Services, said.

Bob Lyon, Vice Chancellor for University Advancement, is pleased the building will be repaired. “It’s work that’s probably been needed for a long time, but we understand that there are academic projects that need attention first.” Lyon said, “We just hope we catch these projects before its too late, and in this case I think we have.”

Williams Restoration is doing the work on the Development House. According to Daniel Martin, Foreman for Williams Restoration, most of the renovation is focused on replacing the mortar between the bricks. The doors and windows will be stripped and re-painted and the balustrade above the entrance will be restored.

The Development House was originally built as a gift in 1910 for the University of Chattanooga President John Race. The historic building was used as a residence until the1970s when it was converted to house the Office of Development.

A campus renovation begun this summer is restoring Patten Chapel’s exterior. Funding for the two projects is provided primarily by the state under the “Repairs to Building Exteriors” program. There have also been private contributions toward the renovation of the Development House.

The Development office is responsible for raising funds for scholarships, construction, new academic programs and a variety of other University needs. Your contributions are welcome. Please call 423-425-4232 or visit UTC Development.