Campus Improvements Expected Through UTC Planning Charrette

How does a parking deck at East Third and Palmetto Streets sound, complete with retail establishments that would ultimately pay for the structure? Would you like to see UTC partner with UnumProvident to provide a wellness center located at Vine and Houston Streets?

These are a few of the interesting ideas to come from a two-day UTC Planning Charrette held at McKenzie Arena. University, government, business and neighborhood representatives provided input.

"We have found that the Chattanooga way works. Bringing in community members to examine the issues and to determine what opportunities exist results in ideas that we on campus might not have come up with on our own. It is wonderful to see so many people who are willing to give their time and thoughts to our campus," according to UTC Chancellor Bill Stacy.

Many of the ideas presented encouraged more green space on campus, with one proposal to shut Vine Street through the heart of campus to make it more pedestrian friendly.

"Wider sidewalks and slower traffic on the main streets around campus would also enhance the campus for pedestrians," according to Janet Spraker of UTC Facilities Planning and Management.

To improve circulation on campus, it was suggested that the CARTA Shuttle make one more stop at UTC Place. Many of those reporting the results of the meeting agreed that more housing would encourage more commuters to live on campus, therefore cutting down on vehicular traffic. There was also a suggestion for more bicycle racks to be placed throughout the campus.

For Engel Stadium development, community members asked that recreation areas, specifically intramural and open space, be built for student and community use. They also suggested that a wellness center be built there.

The next step in the process will be to determine the feasibility of these recommendations. The UTC Faculty Council, Alumni Council, Student Government Association and the UC Foundation will be among the University groups to review the recommendations