The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga



Student political discussion scheduled on Channel 45

While candidates from the major political parties continue to find ways to court young voters, leaders of political student organizations are finding ways to reach out to fellow students to get involved.

Representatives from the UTC student chapters of Campus Republicans, College Democrats, Campus Liberterians, and the UTC Green Party will participate in a live show on WTCI TV45, carried on Chattanooga Comcast cable channel 05. The program will air on Wednesday, October 20, 8-9 p.m.

“Our students will share their perceptions about college student involvement in the political process. They'll discuss political issues of concern to all students," said Chuck Cantrell, assistant vice chancellor for University Relations at UTC. "This will not be a program to advance the issues of a political party but rather to promote and highlight young people's involvement in our political process."

The UTC Office of University Relations is producing the program in conjunction with WTCI. Reporters and photographers from "Mocs TV News," a news program produced by UTC students, will be providing taped segments for the program.

All members of the television broadcast will be united on one front—and that is the importance of students making the effort to go the polls.

“If students educate themselves about the issues and the choices, it will become clear to them that this presidential election will make a difference for their future. We want to encourage students to let their voices be heard,” Cantrell said.