Student Interest Piqued by Career Crunch

"What am I going to be when I grow up?" Area businesses and non-profit organizations came to the UTC McKenzie Arena for Career Crunch, a jobs fair for 3,800 eighth grade students from Hamilton County and North Georgia.

UTC, Chattanooga State Technical Community College, Hamilton County Schools, IBEW and the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce were among the sponsors for the event, which provided information and insights for students about prospective careers while also giving employers the opportunity to describe to tomorrow’s workforce the preparation needed for future employment.

"Teachers were pleased that there was a good representation of educational entities, so that the students could understand the link between educational requirements and specific professions," according to Sandy Cole, of the UTC Center for Community Career Education.

Students enjoyed the experience at the McKenzie Arena, according to Cole, where there was plenty of room to move among the exhibits, watch demonstrations and ask questions.