The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Author Gregory Bassham to Lecture on Tolkien's Work

"Providence and Freedom in The Lord of the Rings"

With the final installment of The Lord of the Rings trilogy soon to be released, take a break from your end-of-semester worries by dropping in on a lively talk about J.R.R. Tolkien's work, as observed from the standpoint of a philosopher. Gregory Bassham is Director of the Center for Ethics and Public Life and the Chair of the Department of Philosophy at King's College. He is also coeditor of The Lord of the Rings and Philosophy—One Book to Rule Them All, a delightful romp of a book which appeared earlier this year, which is currently #14 on the National Campus Bestseller list.

Bassham is also the author of a number of other works, including Original Intention and the Constitution: A Philosophical Study and Critical Thinking: A Student's Introduction

Free and open to the public.

Wednesday, December 3, 4:00 pm

Benwood Auditorium, Engineering Building, UTC Campus

Sponsored by SunTrust Chair of Humanities