McGlumphy runs for State House Representative

Voter participation rates in America continue to be low, and one segment of the population that does not flex what could be considerable political clout is college students. UTC senior mechanical engineering major Jonathan McGlumphy has decided to do more than just vote in upcoming elections; he has qualified with the Hamilton County Election Commission as a Libertarian Party candidate for State House District 31.

McGlumphy says he decided to run because he is dissatisfied with what he considers the current legislature's inability and unwillingness to deal with the state's financial affairs. His platform includes better funding for education, an overhaul of TennCare, and changes in some drug prosecution laws.

To date, McGlumphy's campaign has received several donations from family and individual members of the Hamilton County and Tennessee Libertarian Parties.

"I may take out a loan also to get things off to a kick-start, although I think once the campaign season gets rolling along in August, I will receive more donations," McGlumphy said. He does not have primary competition.

Dr. Joe Dumas, UC Foundation Associate Professor of Engineering and Computer Science notes that McGlumphy got his campaign off to a quick start by being a featured guest on WGOW Talk Radio 102.3.

"I congratulate Jonathan for qualifying and thank him for his willingness to be part of the solution to the various problems facing our state," Dumas said.