The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga


Cadek Conservatory renovation continues
by Rebekah Bonney, University Relations Intern

Private donations are being used to repair years of wear and tear coupled with extensive water damage in the concert hall and lobby of the 40-year-old building housing Cadek Conservatory. Cadek Conservatory celebrates 100 years of music this academic year.

The greatest damage has been in the concert hall where there is mold growing in rings around the ceiling air vents. Many of the seats in the concert hall are torn or broken and the walls have cracked and blistered in some areas.

Joseph Ottaker Cadek, founder and first director of Cadek Conservatory, established the conservatory to be used as a recital hall and a center for musical learning in Chattanooga. “The renovation is a big step toward our goal of returning the hall to it’s original intent,” said Dr. Paul Shurtz, Director of Cadek Conservatory.

To preserve the outstanding acoustics of the concert hall, most of the new materials will be updated versions of the old. The cork floors around the perimeter of the hall will be restored and the overall structure of the room will remain the same.

The concert hall and lobby will be the main focus of the renovations. The concert hall will be fitted with new seats, the concrete floor will be painted, the water-damaged walls and ceiling will be repaired, and the lighting system will be partially replaced.

Wood on several of the ceiling arches has warped and separated, and the plaster has cracked and molded from water leakage. The lobby will be fitted with ceramic floor tiles and pendant lights, the wooden balustrade will be restored and new ceiling materials will be installed.

“The whole place will look totally different.” Janet Spraker, director of Engineering Services, said.