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Chancellor Brown corresponds with Virginia Tech's President Steger

Dear President Steger:

As I walk around my campus, I have been hearing quiet prayers and sympathies from our students, faculty, staff and administration. Yet, one phrase has echoed from the mouths of almost everyone: “Today we are all Hokies.”

Today the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga campus and community share in your loss, your suffering and your devastation for the events that occurred on April 16. This was an intolerable act of violence which none of us could have predicted.

I lift up my sincerest and deepest sympathy, prayer and thoughts to you and the Virginia Tech campus and community as you cope with this tragedy. As an administrator, it is unbelievable that these horrible acts could occur at the place that you and so many others call “home.” But it is in these times that we must unite as a nation and as a family of higher education institutions to show the world that Virginia Tech will prevail.

I extend my support and friendship to both you and your administration as you begin the many trials and challenges in the months to come. I want you to know that UTC is your ally, and we will not waiver in your time of need. UTC will be there to support you and aid you. We will mourn with you, grieve with you, and we will be there as you rise up.

I pray for blessings to befall Virginia Tech, for your protection from these days forward and for the swift ease of your hurting. When you need a friend, a neighbor, a shoulder to lean on, UTC will be here. There is Hokie Hope in us all.

"Chancellor Brown's signature"

May 17, 2010