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Chancellor Roger Brown and Jamal Whitlow

Chancellor and student enjoy Trading Places

When you are handed a goody bag with Pepto-Bismol inside, it may be a warning about the day you are facing. But the UTC student who accepted the gift enjoyed the joke and accepted the challenge of Trading Places with Chancellor Roger Brown.

Jamal Whitlow, Tennessee Youth President of the NAACP, became chancellor for a day when he claimed the top prize in a Student Alumni Council (SAC) fundraiser for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Whitlow, a senior business student majoring in marketing, met with Chancellor Brown for breakfast in the Heritage Room of the UTC University Center. The breakfast concluded, then Brown attended classes and “Chancellor” Whitlow attended meetings.

“This event says a lot about the University and our chancellor,” Whitlow said. “It provided a real insight not often afforded to a young man like me. All the administrators were engaged and embraced this program. When I continue on in my career, this day will not be forgotten,” Whitlow said.

In the time he spent with Dr. Brown, Whitlow brainstormed a few ideas. The two discussed the development of the MLK neighborhood, with Whitlow proposing restoration and the creation of more jobs. “I would like to see more retail establishments—eateries, maybe a pool hall or arcade,” Whitlow said.

Saying he feels he has learned a lot from the College of Business, Whitlow also suggested to Brown that students be more involved in writing strategic business plans to gain experience in marketing.

“The Chancellor and I have a nice working relationship, he is a good guy,” Whitlow said. I really look up to the Chancellor and Dr. Richard Brown. They have done a lot to help my career at UTC.”

Jamal Whitlow

Chancellor Brown

May 1, 2007