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UTC’s ROTC program approved

With final approval granted by UTC faculty, plans are moving forward to offer students a new ROTC program in Fall 2007.  Lieutenant Colonel Ronald Borden, Program and Enrollment Officer, says he hopes to allow UTC students to register for the classes as early as this spring. 

A special opportunity will be offered to current sophomores who will be juniors in Fall 2007 and seniors who will be in graduate school in Fall 2007.  Students in these groups who plan to graduate in Spring or Summer 2009 may attend Leadership/Internship camp in Summer 2007, which will allow these students to enroll in the upper ROTC division program in Fall 2007. 

 “The great thing about this program is that all qualified students who complete this camp will be offered a two-year scholarship for their last two years of school.  Ideally, we will start the Fall 2007 semester with classes for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors,” said Borden.

Initially, UTC’s ROTC will be a satellite program of the ROTC program at UT Knoxville. ROTC will provide new scholarships and other financial benefits for UTC, according to Borden.  He says the ROTC program at UTC will allow students to explore what it means to be an Army Officer, with a Presidential Appointment, commonly known as a Commission. 

“It will provide the students with opportunities to develop self-confidence as leaders, and opportunities to develop relationships and connections within a fraternal type organization,” Borden said.
Off campus, the UTC ROTC program will serve as a resource for the JROTC programs at the local high schools.

“The cadre and senior cadets will assist in training events at drill meets and special inspections.  Students that complete three or four years of JROTC will receive credit for parts of the senior program that will allow them to enroll, for example, after their freshmen year,” Borden said.  “Also, they usually have a better knowledge about how to apply for the high school scholarship program that could earn them a four-year scholarship coming out of high school.”

The ROTC faculty committee spent more than a month developing a UTC needs assessment survey, which was administered to 944 undergraduate students, primarily freshmen, enrolled in English 121 classes, and the results were analyzed.

“The data we obtained clearly revealed substantial UTC student interest in an ROTC program that would help high school recruitment, provide an additional source of scholarship assistance and offer future career options,” said Dr. Bob Swansbrough, professor in the Political Science Department and associate dean in the College of Arts and Sciences. “Since the Fall 2006 semester began, our ROTC faculty committee has been adapting the Army's standardized syllabi and UTK course materials to fit UTC's curriculum proposal format.  The curriculum is standardized by the Army for all 273 ROTC units across the country.”

UTK ROTC commander Col. Marshall Ramsey will serve as department head of the UTC ROTC program.

February 9, 2007