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Regional tuition credit frequently asked questions

Who is eligible?
Students from Catoosa, Dade, Fannin, Murray, Walker, and Whitfield counties in Georgia and Jackson county in Alabama who have completed 60 credit hours (either at UTC or another accredited college or university) and have been admitted to UTC as an undergraduate student in good academic standing are eligible for the credit.

When does it go into effect?
The credit will be available beginning fall 2007.

What do these students actually pay?
Students who receive the discount rate pay the total in-state rate plus 25 percent of the out-of-state tuition (a 75 percent credit on out-of-state tuition).

Hours Total In-State Fees Net Regional Tuition Cost Regional Tuition Total
1 294 103.75 397.75
2 503 207.50 710.50
3 712 311.25 1023.25
4 921 415.00 1336.00
5 1130 518.75 1648.75
6 1339 622.50 1961.50
7 1548 726.25 2274.25
8 1757 830.00 2587.00
9 1958 933.75 2891.75
10 2155 1037.50 3192.50
11 2352 1141.25 3493.25
12 2531 1245.25 3776.25

Is there an age limit?
The only limit is determined by the number of hours completed (at least 60). Adult students can receive the discount rate.

Can part time students get the discount rate?
Yes, as long as they have completed 60 hours and are in good academic standing.

What if a student does not have 60 hours?
Students can attend UTC at full out-of-state rate and after they earn 60 hours, they will be eligible for the reduced rate. They can transfer credit from other colleges, including Georgia and Alabama institutions. They may also be able to attend Chattanooga State at in-state tuition because Tennessee has different laws governing tuition at community colleges. We hope that we can eventually expand the program if this pilot is successful.

Can graduate students get it?
No, not at this time. We hope that we can expand the program if this pilot is successful.

What if a student's parents live in Georgia but the student lives in Tennessee?
The student can get the reduced rate if the parents claim the student on their income taxes. Residency is determined by where the student lives on the first day of classes.

What if a student lives in Georgia but the student's parents live in Tennessee?
If the parents claim them as dependents, they may be able to qualify for in-state tuition. If the student is an independent resident (parents don’t claim on income taxes), they may be able to qualify for the regional tuition credit. Residency is determined on where the student lives on the first day of classes. All questions about residency classification should be referred to Undergraduate Admissions.

What if a student goes on academic probation?
They may be eligible to continue to attend UTC at the regular out-of-state rate. If they return to good standing, they can again qualify for the regional tuition discount.

Why are there limits on who is eligible?
UTC has a financial responsibility to the taxpayers of Tennessee not to enter into any agreement that is not financially sound. Since we have capacity in the upper level classes, we can accommodate students in these classes without hiring more faculty members. Freshmen and sophomore classes are fairly full now and would require hiring more faculty members, which would cost more money and make the plan not financially feasible. We hope that if enough students participate in the program, we can expand it to include all students in the future.

What is the difference between the provision for out of state students who are full-time employees working in Tennessee (Paragraph Four) and the Regional Tuition Rate Program?
Students under Paragraph Four are charged the in-state tuition rate but are limited to part-time hours (maximum 11 hours each semester). The regional rate is granted to full- and part-time students and they pay the full in-state rate plus 25 percent of out-of-state fees.

How do students apply for the regional tuition rate?
Students should download an application (pdf), fill it out and submit it to:

Director of Undergraduate Admissions
203 Guerry Hall
Department 5105
615 McCallie Avenue
Chattanooga, Tennessee 37403

Can students appeal to receive the regional tuition rate?

Yes, all regional tuition discount appeals must be submitted to Undergraduate Admissions no later than the last day of regular registration for each term or semester.

Last Dates to Appeal Residency
Fall Semester August 24, 2007
Spring Semester January 11, 2008
First AM Summer May 8, 2008
Second AM Summer    June 10, 2008
Third AM Summer July 11, 2008
First PM Summer May 12, 2008
Second PM Summer June 27, 2008

The Director of Undergraduate Admissions serves as the primary classification officer for undergraduate students enrolled at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Regional discount appeals must be made in writing to:

Director of Undergraduate Admissions
Department 5105
615 McCallie Avenue
Chattanooga, Tennessee 37403

Appeals must include appropriate evidence to support the student’s establishment of domicile in either Walker, Fannin, Catoosa, Dade, Murray, and Whitfield Counties in Georgia or Jackson County, Alabama.

The decision of the Director of the Admissions Office may be appealed to the Residency Appeals Committee by making this request in writing to:

Residency Appeals Chair
Office of Student Development
Department 1951
615 McCallie Avenue
Chattanooga, Tennessee 37403

The committee will review the student’s request and will make a decision regarding the appeal.

The student may appeal the Residency Committee’s decision to the Chancellor of UTC in writing. Letters of appeal should be addressed to:

Office of the Chancellor
Department 5606
615 McCallie Avenue
Chattanooga, Tennessee 37403

The Chancellor makes the final decision on all residency appeal classifications.


For more information about the regional tuition discount, read the news release.

July 3, 2007