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Probasco Chair elected to Mont Pélerin Society BOD

Dr. J.R. Clark, Probasco Chair of Free Enterprise, was elected to the Mont Pélerin Society (MPS) Board of Directors at its biannual congress in Guatemala City, Guatemala. 

Membership in the international society is highly selective, limited to approximately 500, and it includes heads of state, nobility, Nobel Prize recipients, and internationally recognized academics.  Clark was first elected to membership in the society in 1996, and he was the key organizer of the society’s 2003 international conference in Chattanooga.

Founded in 1947, the MPS facilitates an exchange of research and ideas between scholars regarding the practices, virtues, and defects of market oriented economic systems.  The MPS does not create orthodoxy, form or align itself with any political party, or conduct propaganda. 

Society members include:  investor Sir John Templeton, Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, Václav Klaus; Nobel Laureates Milton Friedman, Gary Becker, James Buchanan, and Vernon Smith; members of the British House of Lords, Lord Peter Bauer, Lord Harris of High Cross, Lord Howe; Otto von Hapsburg, Germany; The Honorable Ruth Richardson, Member of Parliament, New Zealand; U.S. Attorney General Edwin Meese, the Honorable Dick Armey, Bob Bartley of the Wall Street Journal, The Honorable Danny Boggs, journalist William F. Buckley, Justice Douglas Ginsburg, and columnist Walter Williams. 

January 3, 2007