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Letter writing campaign to support Virginia Tech

UTC has begun a card and letter campaign to support students, faculty and staff at Virginia Tech. The idea for the campaign began with the Association for College Unions International; the UTC University Center is a member.

Susie Weber, Administrative Assistant in the Department of Mathematics, said her niece attends Virginia Tech, her two brothers are alumni of that institution, and she has friends there as well. She believes the effort will make an impact.

“As a university and as a people, we need to support Virginia Tech,” Weber said. “That UTC is part of this healing process is very touching to me.

“Virginia Tech is a huge campus. There has been so much criticism of the way the situation was handled, but I believe it was handled correctly. That campus needs everyone to lift them up, I feel strongly about that.”

For those interested in sending a note or other sign of support, please take your written sentiments to the University Center Office, Room 226. A collection basket will also be set up in the UC lobby on April 20, 23, 24, and 25. All of the notes and cards collected will be sent to the Virginia Tech Squires Student Center for display to the campus community. UTC will mail items collected on April 26.

For more information, contact or (423)425-4455.

May 1, 2007